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Online Portfolios

Give yourself a professional presence online and have one centralized hub for publicizing your resume, professional websites, presentations, writing samples, etc. Online portfolios can enhance your networking skills by showcasing your work as you use good ol' fashioned job search techniques to cultivate opportunities!

Professional Online Presence

  • PortfoliumPortfolium is your free, digital portfolio tool to visually showcase your academic and professional accomplishments and experiences. The platform makes it very easy for you to not only search for and apply to jobs, but to also share your work with friends, colleagues and the very employers you want to work for! Students can access Portfolium through an exclusive network set up for Tarleton. The network will allow users to create a digital portfolio of their academic and professional accomplishments, including projects, presentations and papers. The interface highlights talents and achievements, and showcases individual work in a collaborative environment that connects students and alumni directly to companies, recruiters, internships and jobs.
  • AAEEBL:The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning
  • Apojigo: Apojigo gives students their own Web site to present a professional Profile and Portfolio of their university experience and achievements. Apojigo's tabbed interface is extremely easy to use. Students create tabs that they can load with any multimedia content they can imagine, including Word and Adobe documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, images, videos - even content created on other Web sites. Potential employers and colleagues can view student's portfolios using any Web browser or operating system without having to use any special software. It's simple, useful - and powerful. See a demonstration.
  • LinkedIn: Over 65 million professional use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities . Stay informed about your contacts and industry, Find the people and knowledge you need to achieve your goals, control your professional identity online, and apply for job postings directly with LinkedIn.
  • VisualCV A VisualCV is an Internet-based resume that lets you stand out from the crowd. You can: 1)  Include work samples, charts and graphs, audio, video and images, 2) Share your VisualCV via e-mail, your unique URL or your social networks, 3) Control who sees it, and 4) Get your own URL.
  • : Visualize your resume in one click.  Create a free, virtual graphical resume.
  • Weebly: Create a free website & blog, easy drag and drop interface, no technical skills required, dozens of professional designs, and free domain hosting. See a demonstration.
  • Wix: Use the Wix Flash website builder to create your own free website and find out just how creative you can get. The Wix website builder gives you total creative freedom to design whatever you like while achieving professional looking results. Get some help getting started and use one of our stunning free Flash templates. We've created lots of galleries so you have lots of diverse web design options to choose from. Whether you want to create a free website for the music world, art world, business world or photography world you can create something unique and personal that will give you that extra edge over the competition. See a demonstration