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Interview Resources

Secrets to Interview Success

The purpose of an interview is for you and an employer to get acquainted and explore the possibility of working together. Knowing who you are and what you can do is critical to your job-hunting success. Think about your interests, skills and abilities (how they apply to the position), education, values, strengths and weaknesses and most of all your career goals.

Preparation is the key which includes researching the company and practicing for the interview. Career Services provides mock interviews which allows you to have a 30-minute practice with a professional and receive constructive feedback. To view a schedule of mock interview dates, click on the "mock interviews" below. If you can't make any of these times, we will be happy to schedule you at another time.

The links below provide information about interviewing, plus we have resources available to you in the Career Services Center, room 218 of the Thompson Student Center. Let us help you make your interviewing successful.

Before the Interview: study!

Test Your Skills

Day of the Interview

Following Up After The Interview