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Things To Consider

The Truth Is Tough

  1. Few international students will find employment.
  2. You must work much harder than domestic students to find a job.
  3. English language skills matter.
  4. You must bridge the cultural gap to sell yourself.

Why Employers Do Hire Internationals

  1. Technical skills
  2. Language and cultural skills
  3. Affinity
  4. Loyalty
  5. Faster, smarter, better

Where Opportunity Isn't

  1. Direct, head-to-head competition with domestics when you have no edge.
  2. Announced openings (drawing hundreds or thousands of applications)
  3. On-campus recruiters who don't want to interview foreign nationals

Where Opportunity Is

  1. Hidden job market
  2. Others from your home country who are officers or owners of companies
  3. Others from your home country who have jobs here
  4. Former international student with jobs here (internships or H1-B)
  5. Smaller companies in rural areas that are exporting
  6. College or university employment after graduation
  7. Your home country consulate

Plan Your Work/Work Your Plan

What is your marketing plan?

What is your backup plan?

Be sure to consider

  1. Working for academic institution, teaching, TA
  2. Grad school
  3. Working internationally for a company based in home country
  4. Returning home and achieving success with your American education

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