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Are you struggling to choose a major or determine your career direction? If yes, you are not alone. For many students, selecting a major and determining a career path is difficult and often confusing. If you are worried about making the wrong choice, curious about your career options with a certain degree, or questioning your current major or career path, the staff at the Career Services Center can help you. Make an appointment for Career Exploration/Counseling.


All TSU students have FREE access (2018-2019 Code: URKSLVSA) to four career assessments in, a comprehensive web-based career planning program. can help you explore your options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what is right for you. Upon completion, make an appointment with a career counselor to review the assessments.

Additional Resources

  • Look into all of the different majors Tarleton has to offer in the Degree Search
  • Look into What to do with a Major in... to help understand all the different choices you have with each majors
  • Check out the Top Ten Lists, see different career choices top 10's
  • Talk with an Advisor about your academic plan and any changes
  • The CSC library has 200+ current resources to assist with career exploration. These resources may be checked out for a two-week period. The CSC website has internet resources which include "What Can I Do With This Degree?" as well as other internet resources.