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Plan for Success

The "Plan for Success" provides students with a step-by-step guide for each year. This action plan enables students to stay on track to reach their career development goals.


Pre-Health Majors! Check out your Plan here: Pre-Health Timeline

4 Year Plan for Success

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1st Year

Self Evaluation and Career Planning

What To Do:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Career Services Center Room 218 in the Thompson Student Center.
  • Check out part-time jobs on our employment website Handshake.
  • Undecided about your major? Take advantage of Career Counseling, MYPlan, and other career assessments.
  • Attend job fairs to explore career opportunities.
  • Explore Disney or other internship opportunities.

Summer Vacation:

  • Get a summer job in the field you are considering.
  • Develop a strong work ethic.
  • Gain maturity and an understanding of how to work with other people.
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2nd Year

Career Exploration Investigation

What To Do:

  • Explore career opportunities and choose a major.
  • Undecided about your major? Take advantage of Career Counseling, MYPlan, and other career assessments.
  • Begin to build your resume.
  • Consider career-related activities (i.e. summer jobs, part-time jobs, job fairs, volunteer work, internships and student organizations- some of these options can be found on Handshake).

Summer Vacation:

  • Get a summer job related to the career you are pursuing.
  • Establish professional references.
  • Develop computer and job-related skills.
  • Gain knowledge of the workplace.
  • Don't wait until your last semester to begin job searching, begin your junior year.
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3rd Year

Gaining Career Experiences

What To Do:

  • Continue to explore career opportunities related to your major.
  • Undecided about your career path? Take advantage of Career Counseling, MYPlan, and other career assessments.
  • Inventory skills and abilities.
  • Plan your job-search campaign.
  • Put your resume online on Handshake.
  • Begin evaluating your postgraduate choices (graduate school or employment).
  • Attend career development workshops.
  • Schedule FREE mock interviewsresume critiques and Business Etiquette Dinners ($25 fee).
  • Begin internships or volunteer experiences find some of these on Handshake.

Summer Vacation

  • Continue to develop computer and job-related skills, and knowledge of the workplace.
  • Conduct informational interviews (talk to people who are working in fields you think you would like).
  • Compile reference letters, awards, commendations, etc.
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4th Year

Job Search and Transition Into Workplace

What To Do:

  • Make an appointment with a career counselor to ensure your job search skills are polished.
  • Assume responsibility for finding employment.
  • Execute job-search campaign.
  • Update resume on Handshake.
  • Make a list of potential employers, research companies, network and interview.
  • Attend job fairs and schedule interviews with employers.
  • Consider and review various job offers.
  • Get one last resume critique and mock interview before you begin your official job search.
  • Graduate! Congratulations!