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Texan Shadow Overview- Employer

  • The goal is to provide students with knowledge of the workplace, career exploration, and the opportunity to gain an understanding of the relationship between their degree field and the practical workplace.

  • Employers are expected to introduce their profession, industry or organization and exchange ideas with the student. Please tell the student about your responsibilities in the workplace, how you got started in your career, and maybe a tour of your workplace. Students really look forward to seeing you in your daily routine.

  • Shadowing also helps students see how their textbook learning can be applied in the real world.

  • Students can also learn much more about your company by experiencing it in the " trenches".

Getting Started

  • Simply complete the online form Company Information which provides background information about your company/organization and information specifically related to the day of the event.
  • Upon receipt, you will receive an email notification from Alana Hefner with two attachments:. If you do not receive email notification, then your email address may have been typed incorrectly in the form. Please contact Career Services at 254.968.9663.
  • After the event, we would appreciate your feedback as we send you a short survey about your experience.