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Employer Partner Logo on All Classroom Presentations

One of the most effective ways of promoting our services to our students and educating them on our available resources is through in-class presentations. Each semester, Career Services conducts nearly 200 presentations to classes, organizations, orientations, and more. We speak to an average of 5,000+ students throughout the year in these presentations. This face to face contact is a great way for us to promote your company to a captive audience.

Let us feature YOUR company at each presentation!

We will prominently feature your company logo on all of our presentations and your company will receive priceless exposure to thousands of students and community members.

*Check out the sample presentations and topics we offer!

  • Available to Executive and Associate partners.
  • Value: $500

Deadline for Logo Submission: June, 2018

Classroom Presentations by Employers

Employers often express interest in making classroom presentations. You will receive 1 guaranteed opportunity each semester to present to a classroom.