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Tarleton Apprentice

Tarleton Apprentice - Businessman running in front of skyscrapers

Competition Updates

Welcome to the Tarleton Apprentice webpage!  Three talented Tarleton Students have officially been chosen to compete in the 2011 Edition of Tarleton Apprentice.  Here you will find details about each student's service project and updates about their latest obstacles, triumphs, and actions.

Congratulations to Drew Isom who took home 1st place at Tarleton Apprentice!

Contestants from left to right - Andy, Drew, and Heather

Meet the Competitors


Click on the name of the competitor to read their project updates.

Andy Vazquez

Andy Vazquez, Junior - Completing a service project with the Sigma Alpha Pi organization

My name is Andy Vazquez I'm a Junior I'm a Management major and Minor in Psychology

I have chosen our Tarleton University Chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi, National Society of Leadership and Success, for which I am an Executive Member as my organization. I have chosen a "committee" of students in the organization  from a combination of our executive members and regular members to help me with my project.(

I will still be finalizing all my ideas throughout the week speaking to a few more people trying to see if all my ideas can be made possible. I have my major project in mind and hopefully everything works out the way I have it all planned out in my head if not, I'm also developing "back up" plans just in case a few things don't go as I wish.

Drew Isom






Drew Isom, Sophomore - Completing a service project for Beautiful Feet Ministries

Beautiful Feet Ministries in Fort worth is a church for the homeless. It's a place of shelter, worship, and serenity for the homeless. Every month between 150-200 people receive clothing there. What I'm doing for my project is placing boxes around the Tarleton campus so students, faculty and staff can help by donating their clothes. I will collect the clothes that have been donated by the Tarleton campus and deliver them to Beautiful Feet Ministries. I wanted to do something that would bring the campus together, and reveal to the community how much of a family Tarleton is.

The boxes are already in the dorm lobbies. I will get the boxes to the Student Lounge and Thompson Student Center today, but I'm still waiting on approval from student activities. I got the papers turned in on Friday, so I think I might have to contact them. There will also be a box placed in Beans And Franks right next to campus. 


Heather Wright

 Heather Wright, Freshman - Completing a Service Project for Animal Rescue Facilities

So far things are going very well. Last night I went to a meeting of the Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels in Clifton, and they were all very helpful. They gave me a list of things they need, and they said that they are extremely open to volunteers working at the kennels whenever they can. They were very encouraging.

I am going to start collecting donation items hopefully by the end of this week.

I have written my organization's constitution, and gathered my starting members and faculty advisor, and will get everything set in stone with that this week as well. Even though I have enough members to organize a group to be recognized on campus, I am really hoping to get as many students involved as possible.

I am planning on taking a group to the Rescue Kennels this weekend to do some work and get started.