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Drew's Tarleton Apprentice Project

Follow along with Drew's progress, and be sure to attend Tarleton Apprentice November 8th to hear the final result of his project!

  • Update #1 - October 17th

I have gone around campus this past week making announcements to get the word out about my project, and it has really been paying off. Right now I have collected just a little over of 200 pieces of clothing so far, and it has only been a week. I already have to make a trip to Beautiful Feet Ministries sooner than I thought I was. I also have been getting some really good responses according to Career Services, and have received some other good responses of the email I sent out to the Tarleton Community. My project will not end till November 3rd, so there is still plenty of time to donate clothes. I have been really happy with the results so far. Keep it up Tarleton! 

drew painting boxes finished product - collection boxes collected clothes

  • UPDATE #2 - November 1

Things are still going great! It's amazing how much clothes I've been collecting from my boxes. The Tarleton Community is really showing their care. There was a couple problems that I ran into this past week. My plan with doing something with the Tarleton SWAT didn't work out because of how my project is related to a church. I also haven't been getting any clothes in my box located in the student lounge inside the library. 

You're always going to run into problems while doing something. Finding a quicker way to get clothes, and figuring out what to do with the box located in the library were my main problems. To fix them I was able to team up with Ryan Wood who is head of Paradigm, and put the box that was in the Library into the Paradigm building. By doing so I was able to find a quicker way to get clothes, and also my box is fulfilling its purpose. I'm expecting to get some really good results from it. I'm saving to announce how many clothing donations I have collected till my presentation on Nov. 8, so if you want to know then come! The amount of clothes I've been collecting keep getting greater and greater, so keep it up Tarleton!

This Thursday is when I'm collecting the boxes, and ending the project as well. I will also be making my third, and last, trip to Beautiful Feet Ministry this Friday along with Shayne Spears and Graham Litke. They have accompanied me the past two trips, and have been a huge help. It's been real fun, and thank you everybody for all of your clothing donations!

Drew collecting clothing items Bags of collected clothes Taking clothes to Beautiful Feet Ministries Drew collecting more clothes