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Andy's Tarleton Apprentice Experience

Follow Andy's progress and come hear about his final product on November 8th at 6pm in the TSC Ballrooms!

  • UPDATE #1 - October 17th

After looking at the rubric and thinking about how my old project would compare to the guidelines I decided to take a bit of a risk and have completely changed my entire project! I've had to adjust a couple of things but I have no doubt that everything will be worth it in the end. I’m really excited for everyone to see but at the same time I also want to have somewhat of a surprise element at my presentation so I’m going to try and keep my project itself a little private but want everyone to be informed on my thought process and how I feel about this as time goes on.

I've set up a meeting with the City of Stephenville because I have to get permission for a few things, I've also planned out the entire thing and so far there shouldn't be a problem with me completing the project! I'm really excited about this project...for my first one I felt confident but as time went on I kept constantly feeling a little less excited about it; as a result when I read the guidelines a greater idea popped into my head and I haven't lost focus and I'm super excited about completing my project.

I’ve also held a few meetings with our Sigma Alpha Pi Exec. Team and I plan on having many more. Every time we get together plans just seem to fall into place. I'm still working on advertising and getting the word out but I can't really do so yet until I get all the permission needed from Stephenville and from Tarleton's Student Activities. I have attached a picture of my awesome Executive Team that is helping me through all of this. If you guys are reading this I really, really appreciate all of your help! You guys are such an incredible group of friends!

Tarleton Apprentice Competitor, AndyVasquez, and a group of friends

*The picture was taken at one of our Community Service projects ( Senior's Prom) for our Society of Leadership and Success.

  • UPDATE #2 - November 1

I’ve decided to hold a fundraiser at Stephenville City Park at the Large Pavilion which is near the volley ball courts, playground, and Stephenville REC center (not TSU Rec Center!!!). My fundraiser is for a TSU student, Londyn Miner’s, son Orion Miner who is a 3 year old that was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia at a very young age. Because Cerebellar Ataxia affects the nervous system Orion’s coordination is off and as a result he cannot walk without the aid of braces and a walker and his talking is at a very minimal stage.  He is a great person and he is awesome to be around, I really feel that with the help, donations, and support from our community Orion could reach his full potential with medical surgeries needed. Unfortunately his mother cannot raise all the money on her own and this is why I’ve decided to set such high standards for myself in this competition hoping that our community could come together and become the change his life has been waiting for.

***Please, Please, Please come out on Saturday November 5th, 2011 to Stephenville City Park and come meet Orion and his family. All proceeds from my service project will go directly to Orion for his future medical procedures. Even if you can’t stop by, help me spread the word so we can take the steps to Orion’s brighter future! ***

Orion Miner