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Frequently Asked Questions

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When should students start using the Career Services Center?

We suggest that students familiarize themselves with the CSC as soon as they are comfortably settled during their first year.  We serve all students from their freshman year to senior year. We also serve alumni and graduate students.

What if I need help in choosing a major or career?
Career Services utilizes MyPlan, a web based assessment tool, that will assist you in examining your interests, values, abilities and personality. It should take you over an hour to complete-try not to overanalyze your answers-go with your first response. Be sure and print your results and then you can make an appointment for career counseling to review the results and explore options regarding majors and career choices.
Does Career Services charge a fee?
All of our services are free, except for the Business Etiquette Dinner. The fee for that is $25.
I am looking for a part-time job; where should I go?
Career Services has a listing of on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs posted on Handshake (We do not assign or match jobs to students). Students can choose which jobs they are interested in and apply directly to the employer.
Why should I post my resume in the Hire A Texan?
Employers that are specifically interested in hiring Tarleton students have 24/7 access to resumes in Handshake. Students must have their resumes posted to interview with companies coming to campus throughout the year. We recommend that you do this by the end of your junior year and keep your information updated.
Who can sign up for interviews? And when is the best time to start interviewing?
Any student who has posted a resume in the Handshake and meets the criteria specified by the company can sign up for interviews. Many companies prefer to screen the resumes and then decide who to interview. It is best to start early in your senior year and interview with as many companies as possible.
Do I need a cover letter?
Yes, the cover letter allows you to provide the potential employer with additional information that you want him/her to know about your skills, accomplishments and experiences that differ from the information on your resume. The CSC reference library has several Cover Letter books available for check-out or for an example click here.