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Stephenville students taking one or more semester hours are automatically members through payment of the Recreational Sports fee, which is included in their tuition. Spouses of students can be members, but membership fees to apply and are based on semester:

Membership Type Cost
Student Spouse (Fall/Spring) $125 per semester
Student Spouse (Summer) $50 for June & July
Student Spouse (Annual) $300

View and Pay Student Membership Cost.


  1. Memberships can be paid in full by cash, check, credit card or payroll deduction. The payroll deduction option is only valid if submitted by the deadline.
  2. Faculty/staff members must provide their current Tarleton ID and UIN at the time of purchase.
  3. Membership contracts cannot be canceled until the end of a contract period.
  4. No refunds or pro-rating will be given for any reason.
  5. Alumni, spouses, and retirees must obtain a guest parking pass, free of charge from the Tarleton Parking Office or for parking at the Recreation Center.

New Member Contracts

Payroll Deduction