Cadet Life

Cadets learn to follow, do, train, and lead.

The Texan Corps of Cadets is organized and maintained within the student body of Tarleton State University as a self-contained Corps of Cadets to promote student success. The primary objective of the Corps is the development of student-Cadet’s leadership and character by means of military training and the regulation of their conduct in accordance with the principles of military discipline.

4-Year Leadership Journey


Cadet Officers and non-commissioned officers are responsible for maintaining military discipline, for instructing those placed under their control, and for setting an example at all times. Each Cadet personally shares, by example, the responsibility for maintaining the discipline, standards, and traditions of the Corps. An intentional 4-year development program provides a foundation to support a Cadet’s growth as a leader.

Freshmen (Ducks) hold the rank of Cadet Private, with the opportunity to be promoted to Cadet PFC in the second semester. They are expected to follow and carry out the lawful orders and directions of the upper class Cadets in accordance with policies and practices.

All Freshman attend Cadet Orientation Training. COT is designed specifically to help incoming cadets get a solid start on their academics and Corps customs and traditions.

Sophomores hold the rank of Cadet Sergeant or Cadet Corporal. They implement and execute the directions, orders, and policies of the Cadet Leadership chain of command.

Juniors hold the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant to Cadet Sergeant Major. They are the day-to-day leaders of the Corps and are expected to communicate their organization’s vision; maintain a positive environment; develop and train freshman and sophomore Cadets; and supervise the directions, orders and guidance provided by the Corps leadership chain.

Seniors hold the rank of Cadet Officers. They are the executive leaders of the Corps and are expected to establish, focus on, and communicate their organization’s vision; establish and maintain a positive environment; develop others; and make the decisions that affect operations.

Daily Cadet Schedule

Duck Wake Up / Fall Out0520-0550M-F
Physical Fitness Training0600-0650M-W-F
Corps Formation / Training0630-0740T-Th
Duck Morning Formation0745M-F
Morning MealAs DesiredM-F
Academic Day (Quiet Hours in the Hall)0800-1600M-F
Noon MealAs DesiredM-F
Various Cadet Activities1630-1800M-F
Evening MealAs DesiredM-F
Personal Time2200-2230Sun-Th
Lights Out2230Sun-Th

Additional Program Information

Campus-Wide Events

The Texan Corps of Cadets offer and participate in many different activities available to students, as well as faculty, family members, and alumni. One of the biggest events for the Corps each year is Silver Taps, where we honor fallen Tarleton Texans. Watch a recap of last year’s Silver Taps ceremony.


The Corps of Cadets program is housed in one of the newest, state of the art facilities on-campus, Traditions South. The facility includes a newly constructed residence hall with group study areas and a private room and bath floorplan. Dedicated classroom space and a computer study lab are provided for Cadets.


All freshman and sophomore cadets are required to live in on-campus housing in Traditions South. Living on campus is considered an integral part of the learning experience of the Corps of Cadets.


All cadets wear the required Tarleton Corps of Cadets uniform.