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Corps dues are payable each semester the Cadet is in the Corps of Cadets and is mandatory for all current members.

New Student Registration Day

Register and attend New Student Registration Day. Use the link contained in an invitation that was sent to the email address you provided when you applied to the University. All students who have been admitted for fall 2017 who are eligible and required to attend New Student Registration Day will receive an email beginning January 2018. If you need the email re-sent, or want to inquire as to why you have not received the invitation, please call 254-918-7683 or email so we can assist you.

Check out the full list of dated for New Student Registration Day.

The following steps typically occur during New Student Registration Day.

Step 1: Register for the Corps of Cadets

Register for the Corps of Cadets and participate in an orientation session for students and families. This session includes info on Corps housing, uniforms, meal plans, unit assignments, ROTC enrollment and Cadet scholarships

Step 2: Leadership Course Registration

All Cadets in the Corps are require to take a leadership course, either ROTC Military Science (MLSC) or Aerospace Studies (AEST). Course details will be provide during University registration or can be found online in the course catalogue.

Step 3: Meal Plan

Cadets are require to have a Dining Plan each semester. All Cadets must purchases a meal plan (except those living off-campus).

Step 4: Student ID Card

All incoming Cadets can obtain a Student ID Card during the Texan Orientation. This card is during to obtain your meals on campus and as a key to enter into your residence hall.

Cadet Orientation Training (COT)

On Wednesday, 16 August 2017, following room move-in from 8:00-10:00 am, you are require to report at 10:30 am to the main gym floor of Recreation Sports.

It is mandatory that you attend Cadet Orientation Training in August. If you are a National Guard or Reserve Soldier attending Basic/AIT, AT, or drill and cannot begin COT on the first day please contact the Commandant's Office to discuss your options.

As you come on campus there will be Cadets to guide you to park in Lots P45 or P39 which is on the southwest end of Traditions South and Corps area. Leave your personal belongings in your car until after you check-in at the Traditions South Residence Hall Cadet area. Family and friends are encouraged to participate and help you move in but they will be asked to leave the residence hall no later than 10:30 am on 16 August 2017.

All male Cadets are require to receive a military haircut by local barbers. Cost is $10. Bring cash. Credit cards or checks are not accepted. Do not get a haircut before arriving to COT.

COT Week

A plain white T-shirt, khaki shorts (loose-fitting for training), a belt, running shoes, and white ankle or crew-length socks is the mandatory dress code when reporting to COT Week. Shorts must come down to top of your knee. During COT we will store your keys, wallet, cell phone, electronics, and watch in a safe place and return them to you on the last day of COT.

COT will last three (3) days. Your Corps of Cadets acceptance ceremony will begin on Saturday, 26 August at 6:00 pm in Wisdom Gym inside the Kinesiology Building. Your parents and family members are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony.

You will have a few hours of free time after the ceremony to visit with your family; you must remain in the local area. There will be a recall formation at 10:00 pm. Transition Week activities will continue on Sunday, 27 August 2017.