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Apply to the Texan Corps of Cadets

Step 1: Apply to the University

You must apply to Tarleton State University. You can major in any degree program, plus Cadets are provide the exclusive opportunity to complete a minor in Leadership Studies.

Step 2: Apply to the Corps

Submit a Texan Corps of Cadets Application for Admission through fax or mail. Please do not email the completed the application. We cannot accept you into the John Tarleton Leadership Academy as a member of the Texan Corps of Cadets until you are first accepted to attend Tarleton State University.

You may apply to the Corps as a Cadet for Drill and Ceremony (D&C), Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, or Marine PLC Program. Anyone who chooses to participate in the John Tarleton Leadership Academy, but does not plan to work toward a military commission is considered a D&C Cadet. Drill and Ceremony, ROTC, and Marine PLC Cadets, participate equally in JTLA as members of the Texan Corps of Cadets.

Get a physical

Cadet lifestyle is a highly structured program that is both physically and mentally rigorous. The Cadet lifestyle, to include Physical Training, is designed to safely challenge Cadets. JTLA require all Cadets, both D&C and ROTC, to complete a one-page JTLA Report of Initial Medical/Psychological Release Form – this is in addition to any University Health form or ROTC scholarship physical forms you may be require to complete. Make sure you fill out the correct Physical Form:

  • ALL Cadets complete the Report of Initial Medical Fitness Statement (Form JTLA-1)
  • All Army ROTC Cadets also complete the Medical Fitness Statement (DA Form 3425-R)

Application Deadlines

Apply by August 1, 5p.m. for the Fall 2017 semester.

Although the deadline for applying is August 1, at 5 p.m., for the Fall 2017 semester, if the quota of accepted Cadets has been met at that time, enrollment may be closed. Meeting the deadline for admissions to the Corps does not guarantee that enrollment can be offered.