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Tuition and Fee Plans

First-time Texas resident undergraduate students have two payment options for tuition and fee plans when entering Tarleton State University. Students must choose between a guaranteed (fixed) tuition and fee rate plan for the first four years of attendance at Tarleton, or a variable plan that will increase annually.

At the time of first time registration, a selection box will appear for option selection. Choose the preferred option, confirm acceptance of financial notices, and then move on to registration. When making your selection, an explanatory document on the Guaranteed Tuition Plan is available for review. Although plans may be changed after registration, the last day to change options is August , when financial aid is disbursed.

Guaranteed Rate Plan
Variable Rate Plan

Additional Information

The guaranteed and variable rate plans for 2020 - 2021 do not affect undergraduates who are already enrolled, as they are on an existing guaranteed plan. The only exception will be students whose rate is expiring; in which case, the student will be moved to a new rate plan based on the terms of their guarantee.