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Texan Bill Pay - eBill

eBill is the new official means of generating student account statements for the tuition and fees of Tarleton State University Students.  As statements are generated, email notices will be sent to the student’s campus email account and to those email addresses designated by the Student to receive notification.

Please note: Paper bills or statements for tuition and fees will no longer be mailed!

How Texan Bill Pay - eBill works:

Statements will be generated and available for viewing prior to the start of each semester. An email notification will be sent to the students' official university email address informing them that there is a new eBill available for viewing. Students may also set up notification to be sent to alternate email addresses or to authorized users (parents, spouses, etc.). Students will access their eBills through Texan Bill Pay via myGateway and have the option of setting up authorized users to have access to the eBill as well. Authorized users will only have access to the Texan Bill Pay. They will enter through an alternate secure website that will provide them with the ability to view eBills as well as make payments online.

Some of the benefits of the eBill and Texan Bill Pay are as follows:

  • Improved Customer Service!
  • Quicker statement delivery. No more waiting for the bill to arrive in the mail. No more lost mail.
  • Easy link to pay by credit card or eCheck (ACH payment).
  • Access from anywhere with Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Secure login through the students’ myGateway account.
  • Access to prior statements.
  • Students can set up authorized users to access their eBills, view account information and make payments online.  Multiple notifications can be sent for one student account.
  • Improved security. Paper bills with the student’s ID number are no longer sent through the mail.

Parents and Other Authorized Users

Parents: In order to view your student’s tuition bill, your student must add you as an authorized user to view statements and billing information.  Your student will use your email address which will be your login ID.  An email will then be sent to your email address with your login password.

Don’t have your login and password?

Have your student:

  • Login to myGateway and go to the Student Tab to access Ducktrax
  • Click on Texan Bill Pay to enter your Student Account

Problems? Here is a Parent/Guess Access Tutorial.

If you DO have Authorized User Access to Texan Bill Pay:

  • Log in to
  • Under the Student section - select Authorized User
  • Log-in with your Authorized User e-mail address and password that was e-mailed to you upon enrollment by your student.
  • You will now have access to your student's account.

Feel free to email us at  with any questions you might have.

Here is a list of eBill Frequently Asked Questions.