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Bleed Purple, Tarleton Texans!

Bleed PurpleBleed PurpleBleed PurpleBleed Purple

About This Site

Welcome to the Bleed Purple site, filled with all things Tarleton! We include links to all the social networking sites we are located on as well as any videos we have on YouTube. Also check out the merchandise for purchase and the phone backgrounds and wallpapers for download!

To submit your own materials, just use the Submission Guidelines, and you never know! You might see your hard work on this site!

Tarleton Spirit!

Tarleton State University in a Texas  

Check out our new downloadable cellphone and tablet backgrounds!

All images are for personal use only. You may not sell or distribute any of these images, nor incorporate them into logos or graphic marks.

Have a photo of you and your friends showing Texan pride or a video from a Tarleton event?

Submit It!