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Meet Lance McFarlin

Name: Lance McFarlinLance McFarlin
Hometown: Hamilton, TX
Major: Communications
Status: Alumnus

Tarleton Organizations/Job in which you are involved: Tarleton Radio KTRL 90.5 FM and KXTR 100.7 FM

Favorites & Whys

Favorite professor and why:

I would have to say Dan Malone. Mr. Malone not only teaches the best journalism classes on campus, but he also genuinely cares about his student’s college education and their future. His classes are engaging and hands on and he goes above and beyond to help give students the kind of real life experience that will actually help them in their post-college career.

Favorite subject outside your major and why:

I think I took way more English classes than I needed, but there are just so many good classes in the English department. Mr. Lilly’s Photoshop and InDesign classes and things like the short story make English my favorite subject outside of communications. I also never thought it would be possible, but I was able to take a class about comic books with Hank Jones in his literature and film class.

How have you grown as a student at Tarleton State University?

I worked in a saw mill and in TV for six years before coming to college and I knew that I wanted to work in radio. After getting involved in the radio station, I believe I have a real shot at having a career in radio when I leave Tarleton. After starting out as a DJ, I moved up into production and then to student station manager. This last semester I became the interim manager after the previous manager left the station. The best part about coming to Tarleton and Stephenville, though, was meeting my wife.

Favorite off-campus place to eat and/or hang out and why:

My friends and I have been going to Bull Nettle for a long time now. It’s a great place to hang out, catch a game and hang out with friends.

How did your last semester at Tarleton prepare you for life after graduation?

This last semester really prepare me for when I leave Tarleton. With four years of experience in radio and management, I think that I am qualified and ready for the radio/communications world. I’ve learned a lot in class and especially all of the hands-on experience I’ve gotten at Tarleton Radio and at KEQX 89.7 in Dublin.

Favorite musicians/band and why: 

The Misfits: Glenn Danzig sings in the style of a 50’s crooner and just writes the best punk songs you’ve ever heard. Misfits are one of those classic 80’s punk bands that everyone should listen to. Fun subject matter and a singer with a great voice from a genre where you don’t expect great singing. I’ll listen to any music that can talk about aliens and horror movies while sounding like Billy singing to Becky in the back of a ’57 Chevy.

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