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Costs and Financial Aid

College is in reach for everyone. Tarleton boasts $106 million in Financial Aid last year.

Tuition Calculator Cost of Attendance
Tuition Calculator

Apply for Financial Aid

Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will allow you to be considered for financial assistance as well as grants from the U.S. Government.

FAFSA Code: 003631

File a FAFSA

Scholarships & Grants

Apply for scholarships with the scholarship application. File the FAFSA to be considered for Federal and State grants and work-study.

Apply for Scholarships

Students can apply to Tarleton and private scholarships online by filling out a scholarship application.

Apply for Federal Grants

Grants are awarded based on financial need by the Federal Government or State of Texas. Grants do not require repayment.

Apply for Work Study

Work-Study provides students with an opportunity to help cover educational expenses through part-time employment.