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Member Guidelines


  • Establish an understanding of the time commitment involved in membership
  • Encourage members to participate in club events (including tournaments)
  • Encourage members to contribute to the advancement of the club
  • Elevate members of Tarleton Bass Club to their highest potential

Club Bylaws

Behavioral Expectations

Members will:

  • Represent Tarleton State University and the Tarleton Bass Club in a positive way by adhering strictly to the Core Values set in place by Tarleton.
  • Present themselves favorably and professionally on social media. No alcoholic beverages are to be shown or implied on social media if the member is under 21 years of age.

Members are expected to be in good standing with Tarleton State University, maintain a GPA above a 2.0, and be enrolled in at least 12 hours (full-time) of coursework. This is consistent with the requirements of B.A.S.S., MLF, and the ACA (BoatUS).

Membership Dues

All members are expected to pay their dues within one month of their acceptance into the Tarleton Bass Club.


Members are expected to compete in B.A.S.S., MLF, and the ACA (BoatUS) sanctioned tournaments. All members are required to represent Tarleton Bass Club in at least one of these tournaments during a semester.


Members are expected to participate in every fundraising event held by the club. Participation will be defined by the officers before each event. The officers are expected to make the threshold for participation known through a reasonable avenue of communication prior to the event.

Maintaining Membership

Members who fail to adhere to all of the guidelines in Article III will be placed on probation. A notice will be sent to any member who has been placed on probation. This notice will be sent to the email account they provided at the time they paid their dues. The member will reply to the email within 24 hours to acknowledge they have received the notice of their probationary status. Members on probation will be taken off at the beginning of the next semester.

Members on Probation

  • Are eligible and encouraged to participate in B.A.S.S., MLF, ACA (Boat U.S.), and Tarleton Bass Club sanctioned tournaments
  • May receive some, but not all sponsorship benefits
  • Are expected to strictly adhere to the guidelines in Article III
  • Are not eligible to purchase a team jersey
  • Are not given voting privileges


  • If a member on probation violates a member requirement (as stated in Article III) for the second time, a 3/5 vote from officers will remove the member from the TBFC.
  • If a member damages the reputation of the TBFC or Tarleton State University through illegal behavior, they may be removed from the TBFC with a 2/3 member vote, with at least 60% of members and all officers present. The vote of the member in question will not count.