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General Information for All

Dear Tarleton Band Students...

Summer is now upon us and the Tarleton Band Staff continue to plan ahead for the next school year. This webpage will provide you with all of the details of your participation in Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and/or Jazz Band. If your question is not answered on this page or on the Band Website FAQ page, please contact us as soon as possible. A reminder that if you are on scholarship for Marching Band, you must enroll and participate in the Marching Bands. If you are receiving a scholarship for Wind Ensemble and/or Jazz Band, you MUST AUDITION for these groups. If you do not audition in to the group, your scholarship may be reassigned.

For questions relating to...

Wind Ensemble or Scholarships, please contact Dr. David Robinson, Director of Bands

Marching Band, please contact Dr. Gary Westbrook, Director of Athletic Bands

Jazz Bands, please contact Dr. Andrew Stonerock, Director of the Tarleton Jazz Band

The Sound & The Fury - Texan Marching Band Information

I would like to welcome you to the 2019 season of The Sound and The Fury: The 100th edition of The Tarleton State University Texan Marching Band.

Please enjoy your last days of summer, but be ready to go once we get to camp (start drinking lots of water prior to camp, and shake the cobwebs off of your instruments).

Band Camp will be August 12, 2019 - August 17, 2019 (NOTE: classes begin on Monday, August 26). NOTE: Band camp begins a week early because of the Freshman week the University has begun which is during the week before classes start. While band camp starts on August 12, 2019; it does not start on that day for EVERYONE; Please read the schedule carefully.

NOTE: The following is the registration procedure for this year's Band Camp:

Band Camp Dorm Move In and Registration Information

Band Leadership (All Band Leadership Staff and Drum Majors), All Colorguard, Drumline Feature Twirlers

  • Report on August 12, 2019
  • 8:00-10:00AM - Register for band (at the band hall)
  • 10:00AM - Noon - Dorm Check in at your on campus housing

All remaining band members (if you play a wind instrument)

  • Report on August 13, 2019
  • 8:00-10:00AM - Register for band (at the band hall)
  • 10:00AM - Noon - Dorm Check in at your on campus housing

Dorm check/move-in will take place during these designated times ONLY.

NOTE: Band camp begins for YOU on the day you register and move into the dorm. 

NOTE: Please make sure your duck camp does not conflict with band camp.

A full band camp schedule can be viewed on the band calendar (on the left side of this webpage).

Tarleton housing has made a special move-in for us (due to renovations); PLEASE adhere to this check/move-in time. Anyone not following this move-in arrangement will not be allowed to move into his/her dorm until Saturday, August 24, 2019 (or the weekend of August 17 for Freshman attending transition week).

VERY IMPORTANT: There is no need for YOU to contact Residence Life: I will do that for you.

Just make sure that you indicate that you plan to acquire housing via Residential Living and Learning on your form (Rookie or Returner form).

To Review:

August 12, 2019 - Leadership, Guard, Percussion, Twirler Registration and Move In

  • 8:00-10:00AM - Register for band (at the band hall)
  • 10:00AM - Noon - Dorm Check in at your on campus housing

August 13, 2019 - ALL WIND PLAYERS Registration and Move In

  • 8-10AM Band Registration for All Hornline/Wind - FAC (band hall)
  • 10AM - 12PM Dorm Registration for Day 2 Students that secured their housing via Residential Living and Learning

STUDENTS THAT WILL NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS (COMMUTERS) - are required to attend all functions, with the exception dorm check-in and move-in.

MEALS DURING BANDCAMP WEEK: The Sound & The Fury (and service organizations) will provide dinner on a number of evenings during band camp (details will be posted on the band calendar). The rest of the meals are the responsibility of each individual member. Time will be allotted to give members PLENTY of time to eat and rest. The dining hall will be open during the week of band camp. Dining hall hours will be posted as soon as they have been given to us.

The summer band start-up schedule (and Fall Season schedule) can be found on the band calendar, which is located on the front page of the band website. You may choose to subscribe to this calendar.

NOTE: Once you move into your on campus housing (your dorm room) you are moved in. You will be there through the start of classes.

The week following band camp is Freshman Transition week. All Freshman will have lots of fun and exciting things to do that week. The Sound & The Fury will rehearse and perform that week (please check the facebook page and the band calendar for details).


  • 8/20 Stadium Dedication Ceremony
  • 9/7 Away Day Trip: Football at Stephen F. Austin (this will not be an overnight trip)
  • 9/14 Football vs. Doane College: Possible Band Day
  • 9/21 Family Weekend performance (morning)
  • 9/21 Football vs. UTPB: Family Weekend Football Game
  • 9/26 President's General Assembly performance
  • 10/5 Texan Tour Performance (morning)
  • 10/5 Football vs. Angelo St.
  • 10/13 Possible Lighting of the Smokestack performance (typically Foul Play Texan Thunder)
  • 10/15 Purple out picnic performance (Drum Line)
  • 10/15 Wisdom Madness Performance & Possible Full Band Event
  • 10/16 Possible Yell Contest performance (Drum Line)
  • 10/18 Homecoming Bonfire performance
  • 10/29 Football vs Commerce: Homecoming weekend, Homecoming parade approx. 10AM; Game approximately 6PM
  • 11/2 Football vs. Midwestern: Military Appreciation game and Senior Recognition Game
  • 11/17 Band Centennial Concert (all bands)
  • 11/23 NCAA Division 2 Playoffs: First Round TBD
  • 11/30 NCAA Division 2 Playoffs: Second Round TBD Thanksgiving Weekend
  • 12/4-8 Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade/Hawaii Trip
  • 12/7 Possible NCAA Division 2 Playoffs: Third Round; We will be in Hawaii; we will not play
  • 12/14 Possible NCAA Division 2 Playoffs semi-finals; OR POSSIBLE Division 2 Bowl Game
  • 12/21 Possible NCAA Division 2 Championship Game; McKinney, TX

NOTE: if we do not make the playoffs, there is still the possibility of a division 2 bowl game TBD.

I ask that you put these dates in your calendars NOW. There are a few TBD, hopefully by band start-up we will have dates/times for those events. The only other required events that MAY occur would be events requested by the President's office. But other than that, this is THE 2019 performance calendar for The Sound & The Fury.

All members will be required to wear the Band T-shirt underneath their bibbers; The colorguard will need black jazz pants (non velour) for full uniform performances. Tarleton provides flagpoles and silks, but if you would like to try weapon, please bring your own (for rehearsal purposes). Percussionists should bring their mallets/sticks to band camp. We provide one set of mallets/sticks for your use, once the line is set.

Additionally, all members need to have a pair of khaki shorts (flat front with standard pockets) or khaki pants, if you prefer. The khaki shorts and t-shirt will serve as an alternative uniform. I prefer us all to look the same; if you MUST wear khaki pants, please make sure they are flat front with no additional pockets (shirts will be tucked in, so you will all need a brown belt).

Each member should come prepared to pay for the following at Band Camp Registration:

  • Instrument Fee: 50.00 per year (if you use a school-owned instrument, this is you)
  • Uniform Fee: 60.00 [$55.43 fee, $4.57 tax - 8.25%]
  • Colorguard Fee: 60.00 for marching band [$55.43 fee, $4.57 tax - 8.25%]
  • Colorguard Equipment Fee: 25.00


Fees are collected to help defray the costs of uniform cleaning, band t-shirts, banquet tickets for participants, colorguard tops and e-flips.

Band/Guard Shoes

For Band shoes, we use All Black marching shoes, non shiny. If you need some, please acquire them prior to band camp. Most order them from Bandshoppe. For Colorguard shoes, We use black Kulerswift split-sole guard shoes; if you have some, or something similar you may use those. If you plan to use your own, please bring them to Band Camp for approval; Bandshoppe carries these as well, if you need to order them, please make sure they arrive by band camp). We do not have any shoes, nor do we place an order. Please make sure you handle this prior to arriving for band camp.

Uniform/Guard and Instrument fees can be paid in cash (exact change please) or by check made payable to TSU Band, or by credit card. Fees will be paid at band camp registration on the day YOU start band camp.

NOTE: Once you have paid your band registration fees, you will not be required to pay anything else. All transportation, hotels and meals for trips (day and overnight) will be provided by the band/university. This includes any overnight trip.

Please make plans to pay ALL fees at band registration.

Colorguard will need black jazz pants for the season. It is recommended that they purchase them from Discount Dance Supply, so they will all look the same on the field.

To clarify Marching Band Class Registration:

  • Freshman/Sophomores please register for - MUSI 1101 010 (CRN# 83747)
  • Juniors/Seniors please register for - MUSI 3100 010 (CRN#81472)
  • Drumline please register for - MUSI 1101 020 (CRN#83748)

All members (percussion, guard, twirler, leadership, etc.) have rehearsal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3-4:50PM.

Guard will have an additional lab 1 evening a week (typically Tuesday). Feature Twirler might opt to attend the guard session as well.

Percussion, the audition pack is available for download at the bottom of this webpage.

Finally, here is a list of items you should have with you at EVERY rehearsal:

  1. Your instrument (make sure it is in working order prior to camp)
  2. Personal water bottle (fill and have with you during rehearsals) Kappa Kappa Psi typically has water coolers available, but having your own water bottle allows you to get some water when you need to, and cuts down on germs. Camelbacks and other hydration packs are welcome (and in some cases advised).
  3. MUSIC Paperless: We are attempting to go paperless for music/drill. If you have a smartphone, you will be able to use this for music and drill purposes. We will post these files in a shared folder that you can download the needed items. This will work like the old way, you must have your own smartphone/device and not share. If there is an E-Flip available for your instrument, you will receive one at marching band camp registration. If something happens to your assigned E-Flip, you will be on your own to replace it.
  4. MUSIC Non-Paperless: If you do not have a smartphone, you will need a Flip folder with at least 20 sheets (available at most music stores); This is REQUIRED! EVERYONE MUST have a flip folder (and music) with them at all rehearsals/performances. You are highly encouraged to choose the paperless option if at all possible. There will be no holding of music or digital devices in one hand and the instrument with the other. AND ABSOLUTELY NO SHARING OF MUSIC. This is not the look we want. Copies of music will be at your expense if you own a smartphone and choose to use a flip folder.
  5. Lyre (REQUIRED) except for tubas, flutes and percussion; For these instruments you either will just use your digital device or flip folder. For flute/tuba the E-Flip attaches to your arm. Please make sure your lyre FITS your instrument. (Horn players, we march marching Horns and not mellophones, so please double check to make sure your lyre fits). The E-flip attaches to your lyre.
  6. Tennis shoes with socks (no sandals or shoes without a back).
  7. Sunscreen/block and a hat are HIGHLY recommended.
  8. Clear or Purple poncho. Get this now. You will not need this at EVERY rehearsal, but acquire it before it starts raining in Stephenville and the stores jack up the price. Any type of poncho is OK as long as it is clear or purple.

The Marching Band Handbook is a valuable resource if you are new to the band. We also have two Facebook pages: Tarleton State University Bands (fan page) and The Sound & The Fury 2019 (Facebook member group). Please feel free to join both (It is HIGHLY recommended that you join the member group). You can also follow both our Athletic Bands on Twitter: @TSTF (The Sound & The Fury) @TSUFoulPlay (Foul Play)

Lastly, What do I need to do Now?

  1. Register for marching band class (for details see above)
  2. Complete the intent to march form: Marching Band Participation Form (See the button below)
  3. Join the Facebook page - The Sound & The Fury 2019

HAWAII TRIP - Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

Many of you have asked about the Hawaii trip. Here is the most recent information:

  • Estimated costs (current as of June 19, 2019) - $2000.00 for participants, $1460.00 for non-participants (does not include flight, but does include everything on land)
  • Dates - Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - Sunday, December 8, 2019
  • Deposit due ASAP - $200.00
  • Payments - payments are made to the Tarleton Cashier's Office. Tell them the payment is for the Band Hawaii trip. Once completed please email Angela Bailey so she can update your account. NOTE: Angela does not work for the Cashier's office.
  • Payment Schedule - You may make payments at any time (when the cashier's office is open). At least half must be paid by August 15, 2019. The trip must be paid in full by September 15, 2019. Refunds are available until July 31, 2019.

From this point forward, the most up to date Hawaii Trip information will be found on the facebook group.

It promises to be yet another fantastic and fun filled season for The Sound & The Fury. I will see you all soon.

Gary Westbrook - Director of The Sound & The Fury

Marching Band

Please see the links below for audition material.