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Athletic Council Purpose

The Athletic Council serves as an advisory body and reports directly to the President. The responsibilities of the Athletic Council include reviewing programs and program goals, the success of athletic programs, and athletic operating budgets submitted annually by the Athletics Director; reviewing letter award winners as recommended by the head coaches through the Athletics Director, and various athletic department policies; and assisting with fund raising campaigns, public relations efforts, or other activities integral to a successful athletic program.

The Athletic Council is composed of the NCAA faculty representative and members of the faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and student body. The chair of the council is appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs upon recommendation from the Athletic Director. Ex officio members of the council include the Athletic Director, Senior Women’s Administrator, Athletics Compliance Officer, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. The membership of the Council will be in compliance with the composition requirements for Athletic Boards as defined by NCAA rules. Members will serve 3 year terms with staggered rotation of terms. Members are eligible to be reappointed upon expiration of their term.

Revised: October 5, 2016