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Legal Issues

The athletics council would like to help clarify some legal issues that deal with the academic and athletic realms.

Personal Information

Individual Grades

Yes, you can give grades and personal information out to coaches. No, you will not get into legal trouble provided you follow the law. We care about our student-athletes and want them to succeed in the classroom and in their sport. Prevention and early detection is the key. Thus, from time to time, coaches contact faculty directly to ascertain the academic progress of student-athletes, particularly when they are concerned about a student. This comes from a genuine interest and attempt to team up with faculty to identify academic difficulties before the problems become unwieldy.

Coaches need and use this information from faculty to reinforce high academic expectations. It is for this reason that all student-athletes sign a waiver of the privacy act, to make their academic information available to the coaches, per NCAA regulations.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Dennis Jones (Chair)

Revised: October 5, 2016