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Athletic Council

Academic Rigor

Academic rigor is an important part of the university setting. Just because the young men and women compete in athletics, does not mean they are not here to further their education. We call them student-athletes because the student aspect of their experience is meant to come first.

Academic Endeavors

"Keeping your priorities in the correct order will help you achieve success not only on the athletic field or court, but in the classroom as well. The most important priority is your academics. If you are successful in the classroom, you will be successful in the athletic program that you are involved in." - Lonn Reisman, Tarleton State Athletics Director

We're Not Here Just For The Game

The Tarleton State Athletics Council exists to serve as an advisory body and reports directly to the President.

The council wants to help make sure all student-athletes understand college is not just to play the game, but to further education. Each member of the council, and the athletics department, is dedicated to helping each student-athlete achieve greatly in the classroom.

This website exists to help inform our Tarleton State University community of our commitment to the academic success of our student athletes, to correct false perceptions about the academic rigor of our student athletes, and to support faculty in the pursuit of academic excellence among our student athletes.