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Charlotte LeBlanc


I would change me
If I could.
I would try to be
More everything.
Less nothing.
Only me.

I would love my soul
If I could.
Then they would too
Enduring, undying.
But I can’t make them,
Not when I fail to force myself.

They would hurt me
If I let them
Torture is not in foul deeds
But in foul words.
Sticks and stones
Would be more humane.

I could hate them
If I would let myself.
Wrap my arms around
And smother the cruelty away.
It is a fantasy,
Reality will never be.

I would end it
If I could.
But it is not meant to be.
Savage is the life of one
Who wishes beyond hope
To no longer endure.

I would pray
If I could believe.
God in Heaven?
Angels watching over?
I don’t know
And refuse to pretend that I do.