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White Daffodills

Johnathan Jones


White daffodils grow within the wood
Just beyond the veil of willow trees
Bending, they beseech the setting sun
As one that begs a lover not to leave

When sunlight steals away to other woods
Shadows pour from every hiding place
White daffodils bend their heads to weep
While darkness chases day behind the trees

Sheltered in the depths of moonlit sleep
They softly glow with cool and fragile light
White daffodils from under midnight's shawl
Share a subtle beauty with the stars

The tears of nighttime in the fiery dawn
Like opals glimmering on silken snow
Spill rainbows over fair-hued satin leaves
And paint the petals with soft and gentle flames

Drawing from some hidden reservoirs
White daffodils enchant the morning air
Greeting one whom sight has long since left
Their sweet aroma waking distant memories