Student Organizations

Academic Quadrathlon

Team members within the Academic Quadrathlon test their agriculture knowledge in a quiz bowl, including a written exam, lab practicum, and oral presentations.

Advisor: Dr. Cheyenne Runyan

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Block and Bridle

Block and Bridle is an agricultural, pre- professional organization focused on building leadership in the Tarleton and Stephenville community as well as the agricultural community as a whole. If you have any interest in beef cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, dairy cattle, farming, animal breeding, veterinary medicine, meats, stock shows, showing, and all things animal science related, this club is for you.

Advisor: Dr. Cheyenne Runyan

Dairy Challenge

Dairy Challenge is a competition that combines theory and learning to a real-world experience. This yearly competition is hosted regionally and nationally. Four-member University teams from North America compete in a two day challenge; day one is spent evaluating a dairy operation and day two is spent presenting recommendations to a panel of judges on how best to improve the dairy operation. The competitions also provide networking opportunities and career fairs. This challenge is the competition for leaders in the industry. For more information check out: Dairy Challenge

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Jones

Dairy Club

The Tarleton Dairy Club is an agricultural organization that’s purpose is to allow members to participate in activities and experiences that allow them to be active in the community, university, and in the dairy industry. Participation in this club allows members opportunities to promote the dairy industry on campus and in the community and to make valuable connections and network with many dairy industry leaders, while learning about different aspects of the dairy industry. The club meets monthly for regular business meetings and members participate actively in events across campus throughout the year, including Service Day, Ag Awareness Week events, homecoming week festivities, hosting the Tarleton FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE events and competing in the Block and Bridle Intramural Judging Contest. The Tarleton Dairy Club is open to all Tarleton students regardless of major or experience with dairy and membership dues are only $10.00 per year.

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Jones

Dairy Judging Team

The Dairy Judging Team at Tarleton State University provides its team members with the opportunity to evaluate and give sets of reasons over classes of dairy cattle. This competitive team is open to any student enrolled at Tarleton. Students involved with the Dairy Judging Team have the opportunity to learn the finer details of dairy cattle evaluation while also enhancing their decision-making and communication skills. The team members have the chance to learn more about the dairy industry and network with some of the country’s biggest dairy cattle producers. The team members proudly represent all Tarleton students and alumni at state and national contests where they compete against other universities. A few of the contests the members participate in include the Southwest Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest, NAILE, and even the World Dairy Expo. 

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Jones

Equestrian Team

The Tarleton Equestrian Team is open to all Tarleton students of all riding levels interested in competing in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The IHSA includes Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences, Western Horsemanship, and Reining. The team is coached by Ms. Lacey Tomasik of Tomasik Horsemanship of Dublin, Texas. The assistant coach, Ms. Sarah Notes, coaches hunt seat riders. Members must maintain above a 2.0 to be a member, 2.5 to compete and pay all dues and fees (club dues, lesson fees, show fees, travel fees).

Advisor: Dr. Trinette Jones

Livestock Judging Team

Tarleton State University boasts a rich tradition in Livestock Selection and Evaluation through student participation on the collegiate Livestock Judging Team. This competitive team is open to any student enrolled at Tarleton. Students involved with the Livestock Judging Team have the opportunity to learn the finer details of cattle, sheep, goat, and swine evaluation, while also enhancing their decision-making and communication skills. Team members are provided the chance to travel the nation stopping at elite operations to study livestock of all species. This in turn establishes lifelong connections with some of the livestock industries most talented producers. In addition, the students proudly represent all Texan students and alumni at state and national contest where they compete against other universities. To join the livestock team, interested students should contact the Animal Science office and make plans to enroll in the Meat Animal Evaluation course taught each fall semester.

Advisor: (254) 968-9222

Meats Judging Team

Meat judging began at Tarleton State University in 1981. Since its inception we have continued our efforts to remain a prominent competitor, evident through our numerous years of participation within A-Division. In 2014, The Tarleton Meat Judging Team joined the Senior College Division which is home to teams from land-grant institutions. Tarleton Meat Judging has frequently assisted in networking of students with industry contacts for possibilities related to learning, research, and future employment within production agriculture. Students interested in participating on the team require no previous experience. They begin the training period in the fall with classes and outside instruction, while attending several practice sessions at the Tarleton Meat Lab. With the support of Tarleton student services fees, fundraiser, and donations to the program, the Tarleton Meat Judging Team participates in four to six contests throughout the year such as:

  • National Western
  • Southwestern
  • Iowa State University Invitational
  • Southeastern Invitational
  • American Royal Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest
  • Eastern National
  • International
  • Hormel Invitational

Advisor: Dr. Drew Cassens

Rodeo Association

Rodeo Association Website

Advisor: Mr. Mark Eakin

Stock Horse Team

The Tarleton Stock Horse Team strives to provide an organization for horse oriented students to improve their horsemanship skills, training abilities, and showmanship through educational clinics, practice sessions, and participation in the Stock Horse of Texas and Intercollegiate Stock Horse Competitions. We hope to provide all of our members the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and horsemanship abilities. As well as, encouraging the improvement of scholarship while abiding to the Tarleton State core values.

Advisor: Ms. Bobbie Walton

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

The purpose of the Tarleton Pre-Veterinary Medical Association is to stimulate student interest in veterinary medicine, familiarize students with the expectations associated with pre-veterinary and veterinary education and the veterinary profession, and to build strong friendships among pre-vet students. This association strives to improve scholarship and the quality of individuals entering professional programs at Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.

Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Wellmann

T.R.E.A.T. Riding

TREAT Riding is an equine assisted therapeutic riding program at Tarleton State University that uses horseback riding as a form of therapy. We provide physical, mental, and emotional therapy in a fun environment that makes our clients want to participate. Animal assisted activities improve self-confidence, self-awareness, and discipline. Equine assisted activity is an effective treatment for many types of disabilities.

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Advisor: Mrs. Shelby Huxen