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Critical Reflection

ALE Funding

ALE funding, up to $1,500, is available for each new ALE experience to cover materials/supplies, equipment, and/or travel expenses related to a NEW Applied Learning Experience. Faculty and Staff should work with CTL to purchase/acquire ALE materials, supplies, or equipment. When necessary, CTL will establish sub-accounts to fund travel requests for Study Abroad. Faculty and Staff with sub-accounts should work directly with their respective admin associates to correctly allocate expenses to the ALE account. All ALE funding requests must be made and expended during the semester the ALE is provided and may not exceed $1,500 per ALE. ALE accounts will be cleared each semester if funds remain. ALE funding may not be used for supplemental pay or stipends.

For additional information about funding, please refer to your ALE training binder or contact the Center for Transformative learning 

Faculty/Staff ALE Training

Please join us for a new, two-part ALE Supervisor Training. 

ALE Supervisor 101 Sessions:

All faculty and staff planning an ALE should attend a 101 session.

  • Please contact the Center for Transformative Learning to schedule a 101 training. 

ALE Supervisor 201 Sessions:

All approved supervisors should attend a 201 session. 

  • Please contact the Center for Transformative Learning to schedule a 201 training.