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Student Organizations

Collegiate FFA

The Collegiate FFA is a national organization open to collegiate students interested in increasing their professional development as it relates to agricultural education. Membership is open to all university majors, but is an integral and recommended part of university involvement for those students pursuing an agricultural science teaching certificate.

If you are interested in Collegiate FFA, Please join the Tarleton Collegiate FFA Facebook Group.

Tarleton Collegiate FFA T-Shirts are on sale. $10 for 1 or $15 for 2. Come by the ACS office to purchase.

Advisor: Dr. David Frazier

Tarleton Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow

The Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow is a professional organization dedicated to the professional development of collegiate students seeking to speak the voice of agriculture. Agricultural communication and communication majors, as well as any university student, may join this organization and learn about all of the careers and aspects related to promoting the positive image of agriculture.

If you are interested in Ag Mechanics check out their Facebook page Tarleton Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow.

Advisor: Dr. Wayne Atchley

Tarleton Agricultural Mechanics Club

The Tarleton Ag Mechanics Club is a group of agriculture enthusiast seeking to educate and provide opportunities for students to engage in the Agricultural Mechanics Industry. They facilitate and help coordinate volunteers for Ag Mechanics shows at many of the major Texas shows including Houston and Fort Worth.

If you are interested in Ag Mechanics check out their Facebook page Tarleton Agriculture Mechanics & System Management.

Dues are $20 for the school year.

Advisor: Dr. Curtis Langley

Tarleton Agribusiness Club

The Tarleton Agribusiness Club is an organization dedicated to preparing students for the agribusiness career field, but we welcome all majors. Our meetings regularly feature guest speakers who work in the related industries and student presentations about their internships. Two club members who graduated in the spring of 2014 started the Class of 2014 Agribusiness Scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship the student needs to be a member of the Tarleton Agribusiness Club, have a 2.5 GPA or above and can be a undergrad or graduate. For questions on how to apply for the scholarship please contact

Advisor: Dr. Mark Yu

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Study Abroad

The Agricultural and Consumer Sciences department aims to provide our students with a wide variety of opportunities to study abroad. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one study abroad experience prior to graduation in order to acquire a global perspective.

While abroad, students engage in hands-on experiences and activities. The interaction between students, professionals, and the local population is a rich way to promote exchange of information and lifetime learning.

Study abroad programs are usually a component of classes offered during the summer semesters. In the past few years, students have had the opportunity to visit countries such as Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil, Croatia, Ethiopia, Nambia, and the Czech Republic.