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Read All About It

Read All About It

What's Going On At The Meat Lab

What's New at The Meat Lab

This past week the 2017 Meat Judging Team traveled to Dakota City, Nebraska to complete their season at the American Meat Science Association's International Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest hosted by Tyson Foods, Inc.  The judging team finished 11th out of 18 university teams.  The team was 9th overall in Total Placings and Pork Judging and 12th in Specifications, Beef Grading, and Beef Judging.

Team Members include: Oscar De La Rosa, Taylor Navarette, James Redwine, and Hunter Smith. The team is coached by Graduate Assistant Reagan Cauble and Dr. Jason Sawyer.


Pictured(left to right): Graduate Assistant- Reagan Cauble, Taylor Navarette, Hunter Smith, Oscar De La Rosa, And James Redwine.