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Forages & Environmental Sustainability

Nutrition is a vital component of any livestock enterprise. Tarleton State University takes pride in growing high-quality forages that will be grazed by livestock or stored as hay to be fed as needed. Forages grown on the Ag Center include winter wheat, annual ryegrass, coastal bermudagrass, Tifton 85 bermudagrass, hybrid pearl millet, and sorghum-sudangrass hybrids. Native grasses are also utilized as an important component for both livestock forage and wildlife habitat. Rotational grazing by the ruminant livestock herds, as well as seasonally adjusted stocking rates, are utilized to keep these native areas thriving.

Tarleton State University is also committed to environmental stewardship. All animal waste generated onsite is stored responsibly and is applied back to the land for use as fertilizer and as a soil amendment to enhance soil health on the Ag Center. Detailed records of each manure application and annual soil samples ensure that soil nutrients are kept at levels that benefit the crop, but do not risk negative environmental impacts. 

Field during the day
Field at sunset
Tractors in field
Water irrigation system
Cattle in field