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Student Research

Student research is available through the Accounting, Finance and Economics Problems Courses. These courses are designed with research requirements and the students are given the opportunity to explore a related area of their own interest. The research is supervised by faculty mentors with expertise in that area. Some of the research projects completed in the last year are: A Case Study on Small Business Healthcare and Corporate Scandals, Auditing Errors and New Governance.

Faculty Research

Dr. Boyd Collier
Current Research
Mark-to-Market Accounting
The Significance of Terminal Value to the Capital Budgeting Decision

Dr. Hussain Jafri
Economic Impact of Lower Level Lake Travis
Don't Empty Lake Travis Association        

Summer Workshop on "How to Conduct an Economic Impact Study: A primer?"
Texas International Education Consortium        

Center for International Education and Research Study Tour
Business and International Education Initiative
December 1, 2008 - March 1, 2009        

Sustainable Development-Disposing Municipal Solid Waste
Tarleton State University
October 1, 2007 - August 31, 2008        

An economic analysis of the impact of New Immigrants on Health Care Costs
Tarleton State University
September 1, 2005 - August 31, 2006             

Intellectual Contributions
Measuring the External Impact of a University: A Case Study
December 1, 2007

Economic Impact of Erath County's Dairy Industry
December 1, 2006        

Dr. Sankar Sundarrajan
Case Studies
Toys for
Health Care Small Business - A Dental Practice Valuation.

Dr. Chao Liu
Current Research
Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC)

Dr. Johnny Nelson
Intellectual Contributions
Flat Tax: The Alternative Tax.         
Impact of Customer Centered Technologies.         
Impact or Restructuring and Reengineering on Employees.        
International Transfer Pricing: Is It Legitimate?        
Interpretation of British Financial Statements to US GAAP: British Petroleum Corporation.       
Post Reorganization: Impact on Remaining Employees.         
Research Methodology for Effective Research: Tools for Conducting Effective Research.       
The Future of Technologies: New Tools Bringing The World Together.

Intellectual Property
Impact of accounting methods on return-on-assets (ROA) : a study of pooling-of-interest versus purchase as used in business combinations.

Current Research
GAAP:  Do We Really Need to Change.  A research study of reasons used to justify adaptation of international accounting standards.  
Impact of Fair Value Accounting on 2008 Financial Crisis

Mr. Bill Beaty
Intellectual Contributions
Forward, Key Factors for Economic Success in Industrial Nations: A Statistical Analysis
April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 2008

Cross Timbers Business Report