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Tarleton Today


Tarleton Today is the University-wide electronic newsletter for students, faculty and staff.

Tarleton Today mission is to keep the University’s students, faculty and staff informed about university announcements, events and news and to be the primary source of information pertaining to the University.

Frequency and Distribution

Tarleton Today is published by the Department of Marketing & Communications and is distributed to students, faculty and staff of Tarleton via email every weekday at noon during the fall, spring semesters, and every Monday during the summer sessions, except for holidays or otherwise stated.

All students, faculty and staff included in the listserv are initially 'subscribed' to Tarleton Today, but may choose to opt out at any time.


A. Submitting Items to the Tarleton Today

  1. Choosing Your Audience
    1. There are two versions sent each day, Students and Faculty and Staff. We understand that there is a desire to inform members of the faculty and/or staff about upcoming events for students, but this should be done only once. Any repeat submissions should only be segmented only for the intended audience of the announcement or event.
  2. Submitting an Announcement
    1. Summary - Try to limit submissions to 50 words. 
    2. Save the Dates - An event may be submitted as an announcement once as a save the date. All further promotion from Tarleton Today must be as an event.
    3. Links - Any links to additional information should be accessible to all audiences. For this purpose, we can not allow links to images, posters or flyers.
    4. Documents - Documents should only be used as a last resort. If you must use a document, it should be converted to a PDF with selectable text.
  3. Submitting an Event
    1. Details - Events should include a minimum of date(s), location(s) and cost. If this is a scheduled event, rather than an all day (deadlines, series, etc.), include the time as well. 
    2. Online Calendar - All events should be added to the university calendar. This helps us monitor accessibility compliance, but it also gets you the maximum exposure for your events and allows them to be searchable on the website. Users can also RSVP, register or download forms all from within the calendar. Learn how to submit your events. 
    3. Images - Images are intended to be supplementary, and should contain minimal text to comply with accessibility regulations. Preferred dimensions are 900X600 pixels.  

Any submissions that do not meet accessibility requirements will be omitted. Review the accessibility standards. 

Submissions are due by 3:00 p.m. the business day the first date requested to appear in Tarleton Today. Items may only be submitted twice per week.

B. Editing

Any items submitted may be edited for clarity, style and space consideration.

C. Editorial Considerations

The final decision for any item to be included rests solely with Marketing & Communications.

Submit an entry for Tarleton Today.

Tarleton Now

Tarleton Now will be used only for major breaking news or information that needs to be disseminated to the University community immediately. The assistant vice president of marketing & communications or designee will make decisions on issuing a Tarleton Now in consultation with the president, provost and/or vice president for Institutional Advancement.

By submitting to the Tarleton Today your consent to the following:

I hereby grant Tarleton State University the right to copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, exhibit or display my information for promotional use or other purposes that promote Tarleton’s mission. I understand these rights are granted to Tarleton and may be used in whole or part. I affirm that the subjects in my information have agreed that their likenesses may be used with the terms and conditions of this newsletter listed above.

Contact: Courtnie Ridgway, Marketing & Communications