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Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI or TSIA2) is a two-part college readiness assessment in the areas of math, reading, and writing. Your assessment will be used by your academic advisor to help you select classes that will set your college career up for success. Incoming students are required to complete the TSI Assessment prior to beginning the first semester of classes unless they qualify for a waiver or an exemption.

Incoming freshmen will be able to register for classes without TSI scores on file but you will be dropped from your classes if you do not provide scores or exemptions before the start of the semester.

You Are Exempt If...

The TSI Assessment is split into two sections:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Mathematics

You may not be required to complete one or both sections of the TSI Assessment if you qualify for one of the exemptions below. Once you submit proof of your exemption, your TSI requirement will be removed.

Exemptions for Reading and Writing

  • ACT- composite score 23+ AND English score 19+
  • SAT (2016-present)- evidence-based reading and writing score 480+
  • SAT (prior to 2016)- combined score 1070+ AND verbal score 500+
  • STAAR test- English III (reading) score 2,000+ AND English III (writing) score 2,000+

Exemptions for Math

  • ACT- composite score 23+ AND mathematics score 19+
  • SAT (2016-present)- mathematics score 530+
  • SAT (prior to 2016)- combined score 1070+ AND mathematics score 500+
  • STAAR test- EOC - Algebra II score 4,000+

How to Submit Proof of Exemption Documentation

  • Request your ACT scores to be sent to Tarleton
  • Request your SAT scores be sent to Tarleton from the College Board
  • STAAR test scores will be taken from your official high school transcript.

If you have trouble submitting scores for TSI exemption, please contact your TSI Assessment Coordinator

Complete Your Assessment

There are multiple ways you can complete your TSI Assessment Requirement. The most common are:

  1. Register and complete TSI Assessment at your local community college
  2. Register and complete TSI Assessment through the Tarleton Testing Center (in person and virtual options available)
  3. Enroll in a Texas College Bridge course for the section(s) you need to complete
Submit Your Assessment Results
Complete Your TSI Assessment at Tarleton
Texas College Bridge Program

Commonly Asked Questions

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Additional Information

If you have any TSI related questions or to verify which section(s) you need to complete (Reading/Writing and/or Math), please email the Student Assessment Coordinator or call 254-968-9269 for more information.