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Steps to Apply

Whether you are a first-time freshman, transferring from a different institution, returning to Tarleton as a Readmit, or visiting Tarleton for the semester as a Transient Student - there are common steps required to complete your application process. Test scores and transcript requirements will differ, please review your requirements below:

Application Deadlines

Term Priority Deadline Enforced Deadline
Spring December 1 December 1
Summer March 1 June 1
Fall May 1 August 1

Step 1: Set up an Account on ApplyTexas

Please make a note of your login information, as you may need it in the future.

Step 2: Begin an Application

Once you create an account on ApplyTexas, follow the process below to begin an application, or review detailed instructions for How to Complete an ApplyTexas 4-year Application and then continue to Step 3.

Tarleton on antiqued wood panel background

Part 1 of 4

Once you log into ApplyTexas, select My Applications and choose Start a New Blank Application Now.

Select Create a New 4-year University Admissions Application and choose Tarleton State University for Target University.

Students laughing in the library, inside the cafe

Part 2 of 4

Choose your Application Type based on your student classification (if you are unsure, review classifications).

Next, choose the semester for which you are applying.

Tarleton graduate during wearing a graduation cap adorned with a glittering Texas, Tarleton T, and the word Finally

Part 3 of 4

For Select School, choose Continue or Add a Second School and Select a Major.

Next, certify answers of the custom questions.

Student working at one of the cloud computers in the Library Commons

Part 4 of 4

Complete the certification and payment Information page by reading and selecting from the boxes provided.

Continue to Step 3.

Remember to save changes after each page!

Step 3: Pay Your Application Fee

The application fee is required for all applicants, regardless of prior acceptance, admission and/or enrollment in courses at Tarleton.

The $50 non-refundable application fee can be paid:

If you have requested a fee waiver on ApplyTexas, review and submit required documentation.

Step 4: Submit Your Transcripts and Test Scores

First-time Freshman

  • Submit a current official high school transcript. If a transcript is sent prior to high school graduation, a final transcript is required after graduation. Please review first-time freshmen classifications to determine other requirements.
  • Submit official SAT or ACT scores.
  • Effective Spring 2020 forward: Official SAT and ACT test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. Tarleton will not accept test scores from the high school.

Tarleton's SAT Code is 6817.
Tarleton's ACT code is 4204.

For all Other Applicants

Submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited college level institutions previously attended. Please review transfer, readmit, transient, and post-baccalaureate requirements.

Unofficial transcripts, including photocopies of official transcripts will not be accepted. Tarleton does not accept transcripts sent by fax.

Student Classifications

  • U.S. Freshman: applicant who has not accumulated college credit after high school
  • U.S. Transfer: applicant who is transferring coursework completed at another institution at least one long semester after high school graduation and is seeking a degree with Tarleton State University
  • Readmit Undergrad: applicant who has completed coursework with Tarleton State University and is returning after one or more long semester(s) absence
    • Transfer student with Tarleton credit: applicant who has completed coursework with Tarleton State University and is returning after one or more long semester(s) absence and has completed coursework at another institution in the interim
  • Transient: applicant who is not seeking a degree with Tarleton State University and only wishes to attend one semester (Transient Student Form required). Student must have attended another institution (ex. Spring) and be returning to the same institution the following semester (Fall) to attend as a Transient
  • Intl. Freshman: applicant has graduated from a U.S. High School with a visa or from an international institution.

Post Baccalaureate Students will apply as U.S. Transfer Students

Requirements for Admission