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Apply for the Texas Reskilling Grant

Imagine how your bachelor's degree could change your life! We want to help you return to school and make Tarleton State University your final destination. The Texas Reskilling Grant is a great opportunity to help you finish what you started!

Tarleton is offering grants up to $2,500 per semester to students looking to return to school and complete their bachelor's degree. Whether you started your studies here or elsewhere, finish your degree at Tarleton. 

 Grant Requirements
  • Did not attend college the previous long semester (Fall or Spring)
  • Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Texas resident eligible for in-state tuition
  • File a FAFSA for current aid year and listed Tarleton on your application
  • Eligible for Title IV federal funding (determined by FAFSA)
  • Complete grant consideration form below

See if you qualify for the Texas Reskilling Grant

You must fill out this form to be considered for the Texas Reskilling Grant.

If you have attended Tarleton before, you can find your ID here:



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