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Residency Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I establish residency?
One must be independent (not claimed as a dependent for exemption income tax purposes), US citizen or permanent resident, (have a resident alien card) and live in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months without attending school and be gainfully employed for 12 months.
What do I need to do, or what documents do I need to fill out when I apply for residency or reclassification?
A prospective student must have an admission application on file and either they or their parents must have lived in Texas for 12 consecutive months before submitting the residency reclassification request. Currently enrolled students may submit an Application for Reclassification once they or their parents (if student is being claimed by parents) have lived here for 12 consecutive months and submit supporting documentation of prove their residency status.
How can I obtain a residency questionnaire?
The Residency Application for Reclassification is available at the Admissions Office at Tarleton State University which is located 1333 W. Washington Stephenville, Texas. You may download the Core Residency Questions form or request one at (254) 968-9752.
What other documents should I turn in with the Application for Reclassification?
Items needed are listed in the Application for Reclassification.  If a parent is claiming the student on income tax forms, they must attach a copy of the tax form listing the student as a dependent for the year prior and year of enrollment.
My parents are claiming me as a dependent. How do I establish residency or how do they establish residency?
If your parents are Texas residents and reside in the state of Texas and are claiming you on their federal income tax, then your residency will be Texas once your parents have met the residency requirements. You would submit an Application for Reclassification form with supporting documentation that proves your parents domicile and presence in the State of Texas as stated in the Application for Reclassification.  An income tax form showing the student as a dependent must accompany the documentation.
My parents live in another state and they claim me as a dependent on federal income taxes. How can I establish residency?
If your parents claim you on federal income taxes and they live in another state, you are not eligible to establish Texas residency while being claimed as a dependent in that state.
I am currently a student at Tarleton State University and I am considered a Texas resident, but my parents are claiming me on their income tax and they are moving out of state. Will that affect my resident status?
As long as you remain continuously enrolled in school (each Fall and Spring semester), it will not affect your tuition rate.  If you miss a fall or spring semester and reapply for a future semester, your application will be reviewed and if you still meet the 36 month high school rule and have remained in the state of Texas for the 12 months prior to the semester of entry, you will most likely be classified as a Texas resident. 
I am an international student and I want to know how I can establish residency?
An international student is not eligible for Texas residency unless their Visa allows them to domicile in the State of Texas.  Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for further information at 254-968-9752 or email us.
I just became a permanent resident (holder of a valid I-551). Am I eligible to pay in-state tuition?
An individual who has recently been granted permanent resident status must meet the residency requirements in order to be reclassified. The individual must be independent and will need to physically live in Texas for 12 consecutive months and must meet the requirements in the Application for Reclassification.
I am currently active duty military. How can I have my out-of-state tuition waived so I can pay in-state tuition?
Active duty military may have their out-of-state tuition waived by completing the Active Duty Military Certification form and having their commanding officer sign the form.  A student must be stationed in Texas as an active duty unit.  The student will retain the waiver as long as he/she is continuously enrolled.  The student will remain non-resident status for admission purposes but will be eligible to pay in-state tuition until he/she separates from the armed forces or retires. At that time, the student must apply for reclassification using the Application for Reclassification.
I am a member of the military. What are the general rules that constitute me as a resident?
Establishment of a domicile in Texas requires twelve consecutive months physical presence in the state. The military member must simultaneously file a copy of the DD2058 used to change state of legal residence to Texas and additional appropriate documentation to change his or her military records to reflect Texas as the state of legal residency.  A student must also submit the Application for Reclassification form and provide appropriate supporting documentation as stated in the form.
I live in another state and I am marrying a Texas resident. Does marriage to a Texas resident make me a Texas Resident for tuition purposes?
Marriage to a Texas resident does not give that person immediate residency. A U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident who is the spouse of a Texas resident must live in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months. The spouse is allowed to attend school during the 12 months if he or she chooses but will pay out-of-state tuition for the first 12 months. After one year, if there is enough evidence to indicate that the individual has otherwise made Texas their permanent residence they may apply for reclassification. A student must complete the Application for Reclassification form and provide appropriate supporting documentation as state in the form.
I applied for residency and was denied Texas residency by the residency officer. What can I do now?
You can appeal this decision. You need to write a letter stating why you should be considered as Texas resident and provide any additional information to support your residency claim. The Residency Appeals Committee will review the appeal. These letters along with supporting documentation should be mailed to Office of Admissions, Box T-0030, Stephenville, Texas 76402.
What is the residency status for Teachers, Professors, and their Dependents?
Teachers and professors employed at least half time on a regular monthly salary basis by any Texas public institution of higher education, may pay the same tuition as a resident of Texas for themselves, their spouses, and their dependent children, regardless of the length of resident in the state if their effective date of employment is on or prior to the official census date of the relevant term(s). To be entitled to pay the resident tuition fees, such employment from the director of personnel or a designated representative of the institution of higher education by which he or she is employed. This provision applies to eligible teachers and professors and their dependents no matter which Texas public institution of higher education they may attend. It is the intent of this rule that employment is for the duration of the period of enrollment for which a waiver is awarded. These requests should be directed to Office of Undergraduate Admissions at or 254-968-9752.
I am a student and employed as a Teaching or Research Assistant. Can I get in-state tuition?
Non-residents (including citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. and all foreign students) employed by public institutions of higher education as research or teaching assistants on at least a half-time basis in a position related to their degree programs are entitled to pay the resident tuition rate at any public institution of higher education in the state for themselves, their spouses and children regardless of how long they have lived in the state. The institutions that employ the students shall determine whether or not the students' jobs relate to their degree programs. It is the intent of this rule that employment is for the duration of the period of enrollment for which a waiver is awarded. If the spouse or children attend an institution other than the one employing the research or teaching assistant, they must provide their college proof of his/her current employment. These requests should be directed to the College of Graduate Studies at 254-968-9104.
I received Resident status some time after classes started. Will I get a refund for the out-of-state portion fee bill that I have previously paid?
Residency Applications for Reclassification must be submitted by the official census date of the relevant term in order for a Texas resident classification to be effective for that current semester.  If a student meets requirements after the official census date the reclassification will be applied to the next relevant term.
If I have questions about Senate Bill 1528 which enables non-citizens to pay resident tuition, who do I contact?
Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions office for more information at, call 1-800-687-8236 or 254-968-9752.
I couldn't find an answer to my question in this FAQ list. Who can I contact for more information?
If you have read this FAQ thoroughly and could not find the answer to your question, you may contact the Director of Admissions, Residency Officer, for more information by emailing, or calling 800-687-8236 or 254-968-9123.

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