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International Applicants

With over 100 years of heritage, we welcome you to join Tarleton State University and take part in continuing the legacy. An 121 year old institution that offers 100+ programs of study, Tarleton is full of opportunities that await you.

Freshmen Admissions Requirements

Please review score requirements, as they will be evaluated to determine your admission decision.

What You Need To Apply
What You Need to Submit After You Are Accepted
SAT & ACT Test Score Requirements
English Fluency Test Score Requirements
English Fluency Exemptions

International students should allow at least 60 days for processing of documentation.

Transfer Admissions Requirements

Admission to Tarleton State University, will be evaluated based on transfer requirements. In addition, please review the information below for instructions on scores and transcripts from previous institutions.

What You Need To Apply
What You Need To Submit After You Are Accepted
What is Considered Transferable Credit?
International Transfer Students from International Institutions
English Fluency Test Score Requirements
English Fluency Exemptions

International students should allow at least 60 days for processing of documentation.

International Application Deadlines (All Application Types)
Semester Enforced Deadline
Spring November 1
Summer March 15
Fall June 15

Fall and Spring admission are available for Undergraduate International applicants. Because of the more limited availability of face-to-face courses in the summer session, international student applications will generally not be accepted except for those majoring in Medical Laboratory Science (where face-to-face summer course availability is assured). Students other than MLS majors may request approval from their departmental advisor if summer courses are available for the required 12 hours of face-to-face courses, as required by Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP). It is not recommended that international students begin classes during summer as they will struggle to find course offerings and might struggle academically due to the course demands during shorter terms. Contact to request a form to request approval.

Document Authentication

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions performs authentication of student admissions materials and required identification and immigration documentation. A primary Restricted Party Screening (RPS) is performed by the Department of Admissions for all foreign nationals seeking admission to the university with a secondary screening by Compliance and Strategic Initiatives (CSI), as needed. CSI will seek guidance from the empowered official (EO) and/or System Research and Security Office (RSO) as needed for resolution of concerns and for decision-making regarding admission approval. Foreign persons will not be admitted to the university until they have been cleared through the export control screening process.


The student is responsible for sending official transcripts from every institution they have attended in the United States and internationally. Official U.S. transcripts can be sent electronically or be mailed by your high school. The student is responsible for having all official transcripts translated and sent to:

Tarleton State University
Undergraduate Admissions
Box T-0030
Stephenville, TX 76402

International high school transcripts must be evaluated by either a NACES or AICE member for U.S equivalency. Once evaluated, the agency must then forward their evaluation report to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Emailing the I-20

The I-20 will be emailed to the email address provided on your application. Contact if you would rather have your I-20 mailed to you.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

To obtain a Form I-20 for your studies at Tarleton, you must demonstrate that you have the ability to pay for the cost of school plus living expenses for a full academic year. You will be required to submit our Affidavit of Financial Support and a currently dated bank statement or letter to prove that you can fund your studies.

If you will reside with a US sponsor near one of our campuses, please also submit our U.S. Provider’s Living Expenses Affidavit. If approved, this affidavit will substitute for showing evidence of the amount of funding required for the student’s living expenses (i.e., room and board).

Estimated Cost of Attendance for the 2021/2022 Academic Year:
 Estimated Cost of Attendance  Undergraduate
(12 Hours)
Tuition, Fees, and Insurance $21,685
Room & Board $11,662
Other Costs (books, transportation, personal/miscellaneous) $4,552
Total  $37,899

 The financial section on the I-20 is an estimated cost of 9 months of study; it is not a reflection of an actual tuition bill. For more information please visit Business Services.

Please submit all financial documents to:

Undergraduate Admissions
Box T-0030
Stephenville, TX 76402  

Sponsoring Dependents

If you are planning on sponsoring your spouse and/or children, you must demonstrate that you have additional funds to support their living expenses.

Cost Sponsorship Details
First Dependent $10,665
Second Dependent $5,663
Third Dependent $4,886
Per Additional Dependent $1,555


Additional Information