International evaluation reimbursement opportunity:

  • Select any NACES or AICE evaluation company to order your course-by-course evaluation
  • Register for and attend classes at Tarleton State University through the 12th class day (no late submissions will be accepted)
  • Students must submit a copy of their evaluation receipt to [email protected]
  • Tarleton will issue a reimbursement, of up to $250 per student
  • The reimbursement will be processed after the 12th class day.
    • If there is a balance on the student account, the amount will be issued as a credit to the account
    • If the student account is paid in full, the student will be issued a refund
    • Credit may be subject to income tax

Guidelines for evaluations:

  • Freshman Applicants
    • High school transcript(s)
  • Transfer Applicants
    • All college/university transcripts (high school transcript not required)
  • Graduate Studies Applicants
    • All college/university transcripts (high school transcript not required)

Evaluations Additional Information

  • Please review the evaluation company for their specific requirements before your school sends your transcript.
  • Official translated transcripts should be sent from your school to the evaluation company.
  • If it is not translated into English, there could be an additional cost.
  • The evaluation must include a course-by-course report.

The following companies have been used by other students but you are not required to use these companies. Use the links on this page to access the custom sites for Tarleton State University and potential discounts.  For quicker results, official transcripts should be sent directly from your school to the evaluation company. Please verify with the company regarding the translation service.

Evaluation Company  IEE 1SpanTran  WES
Link to order evaluationIEESpanTran  WES*
Initial fee$145 with 3 days to evaluate$150 with 10 days to evaluate (other options are available)$170 with 7 days to evaluate.
*This service should not be used for high school transcript evaluation as they do not offer course-by-course.
What is included in this feeCourse by Course Evaluation and delivery to Tarleton State University Institutional Portal.A course-by-course evaluation, a digital copy of the completed evaluation, a digital copy sent to Tarleton State, and two hard copies to be picked up in one of our offices or mailed wherever the student chooses (student would pay for the cost of mailing).Verification and storage of authenticated documents, evaluation of official documents, lists of all courses completed at the post-secondary level, U.S. semester credit and grade equivalency for each course, U.S. grade point average on a 4.0 scale, designation of the upper and lower level for each undergraduate course, lifetime access (a WES evaluation never expires).
Additional fees  

*Additional fees may apply such as translation, verification of authenticity, mailing, updated evaluation, etc. depending on services requested. Please check fees very carefully before selecting a service.

Once evaluated, the agency must notify Tarleton State University that the evaluation is available for download or send it to [email protected] or mail it to:

Tarleton State University
Undergraduate Admissions
Box T-0030
Stephenville, TX 76402

If you already have an evaluation completed or would like to choose a different company, you may select another NACES or AICE company.