Residency Forms

To be completed if an error was made on your application regarding residency.

Complete the Core Residency Questions form.

To be completed by any individual who is not a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States that intends to become a permanent resident for tuition and fee purposes.

Complete the Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident form.

To be completed if a student wants to file for Residency Reclassification for tuition purposes. The burden of proof is on the student to provide supporting documentation.

Complete the Application for Residency Reclassification form.

To be completed by students (and/or spouse and dependents) who are serving as active duty in Texas and are non-residents of the State of Texas. This form must be completed each fall semester for the tuition waiver to be applied. If the student entered the military as a Texas resident, he/she must supply appropriate documentation to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to the twelfth class day.

Complete the Active Duty Military Certification form.

To be completed by students and/or dependent who has moved to Texas, is eligible for benefits under the federal Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 (38 U.S.C. Section 3301 et seq.) or any other federal law authorizing educational benefits for veterans as long as they reside in Texas while attending college. If the student is the child of a veteran, they must be 25 years old or younger at the beginning of the relevant term, unless granted a hardship extension. The child may be a step-child of the veteran. The form must be completed and returned to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to the census date (12th class day) of the semester. The form will allow the tuition waiver to be applied to receive in state tuition for each semester the student remains eligible moving forward. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions must verify months of eligibility with Tarleton’s Office of Veteran Services, so it is important the student contact Tarleton’s Veteran Services office to complete the benefit verification process when using this form.

Complete the Military Intent to Establish Residence form.

Additional Forms

To be completed and returned by students before an admission decision is granted for the semester in which the student intends to enroll.

Complete the Academic Fresh Start Acknowledgement.

To be completed by students in order to grant Tarleton State University permission to download your scores from the online system.

Complete the TSI Score Release Form.

If you completed the TSI at your high school, your counselor can fax, email, or mail the scores to us. We will email you if we cannot access your scores.

Complete the Military TSI Exemption

To be completed by students who wish to withdraw an application to Tarleton State University. The submission of this form will terminate the application process.

Complete the Application Withdrawal.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions does not withdraw applications if a student is registered in courses. If you are currently registered for courses, please email the Office of the Registrar or call 254-968-9417 for withdraw procedures.