Commonly Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Please review the Steps to Apply page and complete one application for admission. 

I’m on the ApplyTexas application and it just says the Stephenville campus on the application. How can I apply to the Fort Worth campus?

Initially you will select “Tarleton State University (Stephenville)” as the application type, then towards the end of the transfer application, you will see the campus selection question and can select which campus you would like to attend.

After I apply and turn in my transcripts, how long does it take to be admitted? Will I have time to register for courses?

Students receive emails with missing items noted that are needed to complete your application. This information is also available when students check their application status online. Once we receive all mandatory information, we typically make an admission decision within approximately 1-3 business days. Students will be notified once a decision has been made and then they can set up an advising appointment to discuss course registration and register for their courses.

Have you received my transcript yet?

Once we process the transcript, students are notified by email. If you have not received an email and do not show a received date next to the transcript item when you check your application status online, we likely have not yet received it. Please feel free to contact us and we will further research.

What is the process to transfer to the Fort Worth campus for freshmen students?

All freshmen must attend our Stephenville campus location. Some exceptions can be made if students meet our First Time in College Off-Campus Request criteria. To apply to attend a campus other than Stephenville, please email [email protected].

I did not attend last semester but attended Tarleton previously. Do I have to reapply and pay the application fee again to attend?

Any time a student does not attend for a long semester (fall or spring), they must reapply but the application fee is waived.

How do I send my official high school transcript?

We do not accept transcripts from students as these will be considered unofficial.

Transcripts can be sent electronically through one of the following:

  • TREX
  • Parchment
  • Scoir
  • Scribbles
  • Xello
  • Overgrad
  • National Student Clearing house

Official transcripts can be sent through US Mail to our office.

Mailed in a sealed envelope to: 
Tarleton State University
Undergraduate Admissions
Box T-0030
Stephenville, TX 76402

How do I send my official homeschool transcript?

Homeschool transcripts will need to be notarized to be official. The transcript must show freshman to senior year with dates, grades, GPA, and GPA scale.

I see that my GPA and Rank are missing. How do I submit that information?

Please have your counselor submit an updated official transcript or they can email the information to [email protected] 

I see that my graduation program type is missing. What is graduation program type?

Tarleton State University needs to know if you are pursuing Foundations distinguished or Foundations with an endorsement and completed Algebra 2.

I am missing Algebra 2. How do I submit this information?

Please request an updated official high school transcript or your counselor can email a copy of your schedule showing you are enrolled in Algebra 2.

How do I check my status?

Please go to your myGateway Portal. Log in using your University ID (UID) and use your date of birth as your pin (mmddyy).

How do I submit my official SAT/ACT scores?

Tarleton is no longer accepting SAT/ACT scores from the official high school transcript. SAT scores must be sent from College Board and ACT scores must be sent from Scores submitted by the counselor or student will not be official.

What is the TSIA?

The Texas Success Initiative is a placement exam that is required by the State of Texas for all students entering a Texas public school of higher education.

Do I have to pass the TSIA?

The TSIA is used to determine readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics.

How do I submit my official TSIA scores?

Please fill out the TSI Release Form. This information will allow Tarleton to download the official TSIA scores. Tarleton will also accept scores from a high school counselor by email in a PDF form. TSIA scores submitted by students or parents will not be official.

How do I submit my official AP scores?

AP scores must come directly from College Board to be official. 

How do I get my dual credit courses?

Please request the official dual credit transcript from the college that your high school has partnered with to offer the courses. You will need to contact that college and request that your official transcript be sent to our office.

Do grades of D transfer?  

Yes, the grade of D transfers, however, it may not be accepted in your degree as some degrees require minimum grades for certain courses. Please speak with an advisor regarding your specific degree.

How do I send in my transcripts?  

Official transcripts must come directly from the institution (we do not accept unofficial transcripts). We accept official transcripts via any of the following methods:

  1. Electronically (preferred) through one of the following:
    – Parchment
    – National Student Clearinghouse
    – Speede/EDI
    – Greenlight
    – Escrip
  2. Emailed officially from the institution to [email protected] 
  3. Mailed in a sealed envelope to: 
    Tarleton State University
    Undergraduate Admissions
    Box T-0030
    Stephenville, TX 76402

Can Tarleton State University order my transcripts?

No, Tarleton does not have access to other institution’s records (and other institutions will not release student records to us) so the student must request official transcripts to be sent to us.

Can I apply even if I am still in classes?

Yes, your application will be reviewed (and admitted if requirements are met) with courses currently in progress. The courses may only be in progress for the long semester (spring or fall) immediately preceding the application term. For example, we are unable to make an admission decision for fall 2021 if courses are in progress for fall 2020.

Can I retake courses elsewhere?

If a course is completed at a Texas public community college and repeated at another Texas public community college, both courses will appear on the transcript and the best effort will be included in the GPA. If a course is repeated in any other combination (i.e. completed at a community college and repeated at a university), both courses will appear on the transcript and the grades will average in the GPA. If courses completed at Tarleton are repeated elsewhere, both courses will appear on the transcript and the grades will average in the GPA.

I am being charged out of state tuition. How do I get in-state tuition?

Please complete our Residency Reclassification Application available on our website, under the Residency section and return it to [email protected] with all supporting documentation.

You are requesting my LES. What is that?

A LES is a Leave and Earnings statement issued by the military for active military staff. On the statement, it shows the military members home of record. For in-state tuition, students (or dependent/spouses of active-duty military members) can email a current LES and one from 12 months prior to [email protected] and we will update their record with the in-state residency determination.

I live in Texas during the school year but go home in the summers. Am I considered a resident for tuition purposes?

If a student is 23 years old or younger, they cannot be claimed as a dependent on their parent/guardian’s most recent federal income taxes in another state. If you have not lived in Texas for the 12 consecutive months prior to the semester you’d like to receive in-state tuition for, are not working out of the state on a temporary work assignment, and did not move to Texas to establish or maintain a home, you’re likely considered a non-resident for tuition purposes. For more information please email [email protected] or review the residency section of our website.

What is the Program for System Admission (PSA)?

The Program for System Admission is a Texas A&M University system institution program in which TAMU offers some freshman applicants who do not meet their admission requirements the possibility of participating in PSA to attend a select system institution for one year before transferring to TAMU as a transfer student the following fall.

How do I participate in PSA?

TAMU selects specific applicants denied freshman admission to offer the Program for System Admission to. Tarleton cannot offer a student PSA. TAMU makes that determination and notifies eligible students directly regarding the steps to accept the PSA offer.

I was offered PSA but don’t see the major I want offered. What do I do?

Not all majors participate in the Program for System Admission (PSA). PSA students who opt in must select an available, participating PSA major and meet all course requirements of that major in order to transfer back to TAMU as a PSA student the following fall.

I am a U.S. citizen so why do you need citizenship documentation?

It is Tarleton’s policy to request citizenship documentation any time a student is born outside of the United States.

I am a DACA student and do not have a Resident Alien Card yet. What can I provide for citizenship documentation?

If you have lived in Texas for the 36 months leading up to graduation from a Texas high school or Texas GED certification, you can return the completed and notarized Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident Form for Senate Bill 1528 to [email protected].

Can I provide my Work Authorization Card instead of my Resident Alien Card?

No, unfortunately a Work Authorization Card will not work for citizenship documentation. Please email [email protected] to discuss which types of documentation you can provide, which may vary, depending on an individual’s specific situation.

I am registered but do not want to attend any longer, what should I do to withdraw?

Beginning on the first day of classes, students who wish to withdraw from the university must fill out an official withdrawal request form which can be accessed through myGateway.

How do I withdraw if I’m not registered?

You can complete an application withdrawal form and we will withdraw your application within approximately 1-2 business days. 

I withdrew my application a month ago but now I want to attend. What do I do?

If registration for the term you applied for is still open, we can reinstate your application. Please email your request to [email protected].