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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the Tarleton State University Undergraduate Admissions process my application without the application fee?
If an application is received by Undergraduate Admissions without the application fee, an email or postcard is sent to the student reminding him/her of the fee. A decision will not be made regarding admission until a file is complete.
Does Tarleton accept Application Fee Waivers?

Tarleton State University will grant an application fee waiver if a student meets one of the following criteria within one year of the application term:

First-Time Freshmen

  • Evidence that the student has received a waiver for the SAT or ACT
  • Documentation that the student is on "free or reduced lunch" at the high school
  • A letter from the high school counselor or school authority detailing the student's economic circumstances and financial difficulty

Transfer/READMIT Students

  • Documentation from previous institution (within one year of attendance) that the student received grants and/or need-based scholarships
  • Current documentation of public assistance for the student
  • Documentation from Student Success or TRIO department

If you meet one of the requirements above, please submit the documentation to the address below so that we may evaluate your status.

Tarleton State University
Undergraduate Admissions
Box T-0030
Stephenville, TX 76402

Questions: 1-800-687-8236

Can I send unofficial transcripts (copied, faxed or emailed) for a decision to made on my file?
No.  Official transcripts are required for admission to Tarleton State University.  Official transcripts include an official seal and the registrar's signature.  Photocopies and faxes are not official. An application will not be processed without official transcripts from all schools previously attended.
Will Tarleton take CLEP or A/P scores from another school's transcript?

Credit awarded for AP and CLEP scores on transcripts from public universities or colleges in Texas will be accepted. Please review the Testing site for more information AP and CLEP tests.

Do I have to list all of the schools previously attended or just the ones I want credit from?
Yes.  You are required to list all schools previously attended. Failure to list all institutions will be considered an intentional omission and may lead to forced withdrawal.  Please have an official transcript sent from each institution you attended. One transcript listing all schools is not acceptable.
What if I do not meet minimum admission criteria? Is there an appeals process?
A first-time freshman applicant may be eligible for Advised Admission through the summer Texan Gateway Program.  Students who apply for fall and qualify for the summer program will be contacted by mail in the spring.   If a transfer student does not meet minimum admission criteria, the student may appeal the decision be completing an Appeal form.  Email or call 1-800-687-8236 to request a form.
If I choose not to attend Tarleton State University for the term I apply for, do I have to apply again?
Yes.  If a student does not enroll for the term for which he/she applied, the student must complete another application and pay the application fee.
Do all courses transfer to Tarleton State University?
No.  Developmental courses including intermediate algebra do not transfer.  Technical and vocational courses and courses taken for a certificate are courses that do not transfer.   Technical/vocational courses may be used toward a BAAS degree. If you are interested in our Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree, please contact sponsoring department for more information. Please view the University Catalog for more information.  Please contact Transfer Services at 254-968-9353 or email with questions about any freshman orientation/seminar course.
Do I have to satisfy TSI (Texas Success Initiative) before coming to Tarleton?
Unless exempt from TSI, all students must test in all areas (reading, writing, math) before registering for courses at Tarleton.  Student's attending off-campus locations (Tarleton - Fort Worth Campus, Waco, Midlothian, Distance Education-Online) must be TSI complete before they can be evaluated for admission. For more information, please visit the TSI page.
How will I know if my file is complete?
Emails will be sent the email address you provided upon application listing the items missing from the student's application file.  Postcards will also be mailed to the address provided by the student on his/her application for admission.  You may also check your status online by clicking the "Check Your Application Status" button.

Check your application status!

Do I have to supply my Social Security Number?
No, it is optional. However, if you do choose to use your social security account number as your student identification number, we strongly encourage accuracy. This is necessary for the tracking of scores, transcripts and other official documentation used for the admissions process. If you do not choose to disclose your social security number, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

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