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Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

The TSI Assessment is taken prior to enrolling in your first semester to determine your levels in Reading, Math, and Writing.

TSI Score Release Form

TSI Assessment and Pre-Assessment

Students will be required to take the TSI Assessment prior to enrolling in courses at Tarleton State University unless they qualify for an exemption.

If you will be attending a Texan Orientation, test scores and exemptions must be on file before you will receive an invitation. You do not have to pass all sections. Scores will be used for placement in your courses. You may retest prior to the semester starting and make changes to your course registration with approval from your advisor.

Test scores or exemptions must be received in our office before you will be allowed to register for classes.

To schedule your TSI Assessment test, please email Testing or call 254-968-9423. Detailed information along with the pre-assessment can be found when scheduling your exam. You may email the Student Assessment Coordinator or call 254-968-9269 to verify what sections of the TSI Assessment you need to take (Reading, Writing and/or Math).

In order for students to enroll in college level courses, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board established the following minimum placement scores (effective Fall 2017) for each of the TSI sections:

TSI must be satisfied in all areas for students attending off-campus locations because these transfer locations only offer upper-division courses.

Reading 351
Mathematics 350
Writing 340 and an essay score of 4 (if less than a 340 is scored, an essay score of 5 and an ABE Diagnostic level of 4) 

TSI Exemptions

Some conditions may exempt students from requirements of the TSI law, please refer to Tarleton State University's TSI Plan:

Students meeting or exceeding performance levels on SAT, ACT, TAKS or STAAR
Students with an associate or baccalaureate degree
Out-of-state transfer students
Military exemptions and waivers

Additional Information

If you have any TSI related questions or to verify which section(s) you need to complete (reading, writing and/or math), please email the Student Assessment Coordinator or call 254-968-9269 for more information.