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Using a high-quality rubric makes assessment, grading, and evaluation both easier and more precise.

High-quality rubrics support student learning by very clearly identifying for students the learning outcomes expected of the work they are performing.

High-quality rubrics support faculty by helping faculty to more clearly, reliably, and quickly identify and evaluate student performance.

Association of American Colleges & Universities' Value Rubrics

AAC&U's VALUE rubrics are the most highly recommended rubrics in higher education. The VALUE rubrics were developed as part of AAC&U's LEAP initiative. These rubrics have been used at over 150 institutions. They provide very valid and reliable means for assessing sixteen key student learning outcomes. Many programs use these rubrics directly. You can also modify them to serve your program's unique needs. More information about the VALUE rubrics can be found at the AAC&Us VALUE rubric website.

Reprinted with permission from "VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education." Copyright 2017 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Guides for Building Rubrics

The following guides provide helpful overviews and guidance on how to build effective rubrics.

Online Rubric Builders

Rubrics can be readily constructed using word processor or spreadsheet software programs. However, there are also many helpful online rubric builder that automate the process of building a rubric. These sites allow you to construct, print, and save your rubrics and to see rubrics other users have created.

  • RubiStar
    • (One of the oldest and most straightforward online custom rubric builder. Very simple to use and does not require you to create an account to build a rubric.)
  • iRubric
    • (Allows you to build custom rubrics after you create a free account.)
    • (Does not require you create an account to make customized basic rubrics.)