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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have Tarleton faculty been involved in assessment?
How is a good assessment plan developed?
Is getting jobs and performing well in jobs after graduation an SLO?
Is there a formal statement from the Tarleton administration explaining the importance of assessment to the university as a way of constantly improving?
Will assessment cause us to lose control of what happens in our courses?
Where in WEAVEonline® do we address the resources required to pay for assessment so that we can reach for the target?
What purpose does a course map serve?
What should be included in a course map?
Why can't grades be used for assessment findings?
How many measures do we need for each student-learning objective? (TRIANGULATION)
How many evaluators need to be involved in reviewing embedded student outcomes that are subjective in nature, such as presentations, portfolios, or essay questions?
Who completes annual reports and what are the criteria for those reports?
What is a sustainability matrix?
What is the difference between a mission, a goal, and an objective?