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President's Cabinet


Dr. James L. Hurley

The Office of the President provides strategic direction and mission-focused leadership for the university.

Chief of Staff and Vice President of University Relations

Amanda Tollett

Manages the operations of the Office of the President, serves as an official representative of the university, and coordinates legal and policy issues with the Texas A&M University System as well as state agencies and organizations.

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Karen R. Murray

Academic Affairs ensures the university’s academic standing as a comprehensive, fully accredited public university with outstanding academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including a limited number of doctoral programs.

Vice President for Enrollment Management

Dr. Javier Garza

Enrollment Management is responsible for the admissions, financial aid, and registration processes of the university.

Vice President for External Operations

Dr. Kim McCuistion

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Lori Beaty

The Division of Finance and Administration is responsible for the overall administration, budgeting, financial operations, and facilities management of the university.

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Gabriel Cagwin

The Division of Institutional Advancement is dedicated to developing support for Tarleton State University, its people and its programs through gathering support from donors, alumni engagement, etc.

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

Lonn Reisman

The Athletic Director oversees all aspects of the athletic program, hiring and supervising of all athletic personnel, fundraising, budgeting, and facilitating operations.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Kelli Styron

Student Affairs supports and enhances the students’ academic experience through service and programs such as student health and wellness, police and parking, university dining, etc.


Dr. Steve Damron

Dean of the College of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences

Dr. Steve Damron

COANR Faculty & Staff
Dr. Chris Shao

Dean of the College of Business

Dr. Chris Shao

COB Faculty & Staff
Dr. Kim Rynearson

Dean of the College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Kim Rynearson

COEHD Faculty & Staff
Dr. Eric Morrow

Dean of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Dr. Eric Morrow

COLFA Faculty & Staff
Dr. Michael Huggins

Dean of the College of Science and Technology

Dr. Michael Huggins

COST Faculty & Staff
Dr. Sally Lewis

Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Human Service

Dr. Sally Lewis

CHSHS Faculty & Staff
Dr. Credence Baker

Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Credence Baker

COGS Faculty & Staff

Governing Bodies

Members of the Student Government Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association consists of three separate branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, ensuring an equal and effective system of checks and balances for matters concerning the student body.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council are the elected, delegate body of graduate faculty that reviews and evaluates any issue relating specifically to graduate education at the university.

Faculty Senate

Comprised of elected faculty representatives, the Faculty Senate is a deliberative assembly charged with recommending academic policies and voicing faculty concerns.

Staff Council

The principal means of communication between the staff and the administration of the University, the Staff Council is empowered to act for and on behalf of the staff.