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What to Expect from Tutoring

Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a tutoring program certified by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA). Our tutors are trained to guide the student through challenging concepts within a given academic discipline. Academic Support’s tutors will engage the student’s critical thinking skills and re-enforce effective problem solving and study techniques. 

What our Tutors Can Do:

  • Clarify concepts that the student has already been exposed to in class.
  • Help you understand the text and how to efficiently access the information.
  • Provide tips and resources for studying the material.
  • Provide examples and repetition required to master a concept.

What Our Tutors Cannot Do:

  • Teach material you missed in your class (tutoring is not a makeup event for classroom instruction).
  • Help you with take a home test or quizzes of any kind.  
  • Do your homework assignment for you nor guide you through your homework assignment.
  • Guarantee your work is error free or guarantee a higher grade. All student work is the student’s responsibility.

If you use our services please consider the following:

  • The ARC does not offer tutoring in every possible subject but our tutors can assist you with the study skills which can contribute to future success in any course.
  • Do not schedule an appointment or visit the ARC during a scheduled class period. One of the keys to success in your course is class attendance.
  • Do not wait until the day or week before a test to seek tutoring. If you struggle with a subject seek tutoring out early and take advantage of Supplemental Instructions sessions (if offered) and the tutoring in the residence halls.
  • Come to your tutoring session ready to learn.  Read assigned chapters and notes before your tutoring appointment. Bring your text, notes, calculators, paper, pencils, or other class specific material needed to work through problems.
  • Do not ask or expect a tutor to help you “cram” for a test. Preparation for your tutoring session will make the tutoring session be more productive and efficient.