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Office of Diversity and Inclusion




Develop a campus that embraces diversity and encourages inclusion. We foster this growth on campus through leadership, education, training, and interaction. We strive to affirm and promote the value of diversity and inclusion through the cutivation of mutual respect, acceptance and understanding.


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion's overarching goal is to cultivate a strong tradition of a welcoming and inclusive campus;informed understanding of diverse groups, ways of life, and points of view; civil discourse characterized by mutual respect; and, an active global and multicultural awareness




MENtal Freedom

MENtal Freedom is a program of intensive mentoring efforts for Tarleton State University men. At MENtal Freedom, we are focused on your  future, your dreams, and your vision. We are focused even when you forget that image of the future. We are here to prepare you, to assist you, and to — when necessary — motivate you, as you embrace the most dynamic future you can possibly envision.

MENtal Freedom is a new mentoring program designed to provide leadership, networking, dialogue, instruction and real world situations focused on interpersonal, academic, and professional development. The program will  establish and encourage inclusiveness, community and legacy.

The outreach behind MENtal Freedom is focused on our traditionally under-represented males, including African-American and Latino men. The men interview into the program, attend weekly mentoring sessions, journal, and dialogue as they receive skills training and explore concepts designed to foster success and create a sense of community fostering peer-to-peer mentoring. In exchange for their time and commitment, the men receive structured programming, guidance, individual mentoring, and continual contact from the Coordinator, the Director, and the Advisory Board Members

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Multicultural Ambassadors

Multicultural Ambassadors volunteer to collaboratively explore new ideas, expand opportunities through activities on and off campus, and pledge to foster respectful communication in every day interactions. Like true ambassadors, the goal of each student is to cross cultural bridges, build relationships across cultures, and explore the bonds that we all share.

By modeling effective and respectful listening and communication in their every day lives, the Multicultural Ambassadors are spreading civility. We have monthly Luncheons where we all learn and grow around special topics, social reflective gatherings, on- and off-campus activities, and explore additional skills training through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. We tailgate at each home football game to share our message with others and cheer on our Texans! Additionally, we take some fun trips off-campus to the State Fair, to explore spoken word poetry, and to volunteer.


For a list of upcoming events refer to the Multicultural Ambassadors page on our website. 


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An Ally stands up in support of the LGBTQ community by being a listener, a friend, and someone who personally advocates for fair treatment



The training is an important step in understanding the roles of Allies on campus. As an Ally, you will have more continuing education sessions that you might want to take part in. You can choose your level of advocacy and visibility as an Ally. The Allies program is run through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which is housed under Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives.

Allies training is open to the Tarleton community. Sessions are available a few times each semester -- but we are willing to work with your schedule if your group, department, or organization would like to have an Allies Advance training workshop. Please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for additional information or visit our Allies page on our website.


Research and Scholarship

Explore Diversity!

There are many opportunities to research, discuss, learn, and explore diversity in academic disciplines.

Academic Conferences

Explore upcoming conferences focusing on diversity, inclusion, and academic dialogues related to these areas.

Student Conferences

See these opportunities for students to learn about leadership, diversity, and a global perspective:

The list is ever changing so check out out website frequently!


Semester Highlights

Hunger Week Night Out

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This was the kick off event to Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week 2012. Multicultural ambassadors joined Dr. Mason in sleeping out on the intramural fields for one night. They left the comfort of their warm and cozy beds at home for a night of reality with only fire barrels and sleeping bags to keep them warm. The rest of the week's events included a food drive as well as a reception honoring Come Eat Inc of Stephenville.


Hispanic Heritage Street Dance and Food Festival


In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted the Hispanic Heritage Street Dance and Food Festival. The street dance had a DJ and the festival had games put on by student organizations and food from local vendors. For a full album of pictures please visit our office's website Office of Diversity and Inclusion.


Diversity Awards Celebration

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Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason and Lewis Straughter after winning the award for Most Creative. Lewis was one of many students and faculty that recieved an award at the Diversity Awards Celebration.


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