MENtal Freedom

MENtal Freedom is a program of intensive mentoring efforts for Tarleton State University men. At MENtal Freedom, we are focused on your  future, your dreams, and your vision. We are focused even when you forget that image of the future. We are here to prepare you, to assist you, and to — when necessary — motivate you, as you embrace the most dynamic future you can possibly envision.

MENtal Freedom is a new mentoring program designed to provide leadership, networking, dialogue, instruction and real world situations focused on interpersonal, academic, and professional development. The program will  establish and encourage inclusiveness, community and legacy.

The outreach behind MENtal Freedom is focused on our traditionally under-represented males, including African-American and Latino men. The men interview into the program, attend weekly mentoring sessions, journal, and dialogue as they receive skills training and explore concepts designed to foster success and create a sense of community fostering peer-to-peer mentoring. In exchange for their time and commitment, the men receive structured programming, guidance, individual mentoring, and continual contact from the Coordinator, the Director, and the Advisory Board Members

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